Look Who's Talking Too
Release: December 14, 1990
Release: December 14, 1990

Mollie and James are together and raising a family, which now consists of an older Mikey and his new baby sister, Julie. Tension between them arises, and as well with Mollie and James when the former's brother, Stuart, moves in. Mikey is also learning how to use the toilet for the first time.

Mikey: "So,… My sister is in my juice cup?"
Talking Toilet: "I NEED THAT PEE PEE! -Talking Toilet"
Mikey: "Mommy, where's Julie's penis? -Mikey"
Julie: "I want a Cobra Hammerhead! -Julie"
James: "What? "See a man about a horse"? "Drain the snake"? What do you want me to say? -James"
James: "Mike, this is a potty okay? Now when you wanna take a piss ... -James"
James: "Pee-pee is such a wimp word. -James"
James: "But she's got some set of balls! -James"
Mollie: "See, Mikey, Mommy is a girl so she doesn't have a penis. -Mollie"
Mollie: "Isn't that great, honey! Your brother went pee-pee -Mollie"
Julie: "Big deal. I made a doody!"
James: "Let's see. We've got Schwarzenegger and Betty Boop. Hmm,… tough call. They're both really built and they both talk funny."
Mikey: "Have a cow, Honey."
Mikey: "Poor Daddy. Hanging out with buttholes all day long."
Julie: "As God is my witness, I'm going to learn to walk, and get the hell out of here. -Julie"
Mikey: "I don't care what you say. I'm not pooping in that thing. I've got my standards."
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