Time Gal

We're Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Time Gal
March 04, 2010

Here is the story all about the game we all rarely known is Time Gal!

The game came in 1985, so this is the perfect time to do the 25th anniversary tribute of Time Gal

It all started the in year 4001, a bad guy, Luda stole the time machine, and it's up to Reika Kirishima (AKA, Time Gal) to save history of mankind.

Time Gal has to go through many time periods from the past, to the present, and to the future.

First, it's the past stage, such as; 700,000,000 BC, 165,000,000 BC, 30,000 BC, 16,000 BC, and 44 BC.

Then, It's the present stage, you know "AD", such as; 500 AD, 666 AD (999 in the American verison), 1588 AD, 1941 AD, and 1990 AD (1991 in the American verison, because of the Gulf War).

And finally the future stage, such as; 2001 AD, 2010 AD, 3001 AD, 3999 AD, and 4000 AD.

And finally The final level, in 4001, this is when Time Gal defeated Luda, and saved time and space for mankind.

You know why can Time Gal go to other time periods like; 1492: Discovering America, 1621: The first Thanksgiving, 1776: Crossing the Delware River, 1812: The War of 1812, 1914: World War I, 1930: The Great Depression, 1951: Civil Defence, 1969: Woodstock on the moon, 1977: Studio 54, 1984: Based of a book, 1996: Invasion of the Tickle Me Elmos, and 1999: Before Shutdown.

Oh well, maybe She'll might have on own TV show someday, and do that as well.

Sometimes, Time Gal isn't really easy to play at first, but for some reason Reika shrunk herself and things kill her :(, like at the wrong time of at the wrong move.

In 2007, Reika was a selectable character in this game called Castle Shikigami 3, with her redesign look, and her talk of nonsense (probably all her bonks on her head from her last game)

I wonder if they'll make a Time Gal TV Game?

Time Gal

Happy 25th Anniversary

The End
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