Deadly Friend
Release: October 10, 1986
Release: October 10, 1986

Whiz kid Paul Conway and his mother, Jeannie, just moved into a new city and things are great. Paul is studying the neurology and artificial intelligence at the local college, and has built a highly functioning robot named BB. Paul makes some new friends; Tom, and a girl named Samantha who lives next door to the Conways. They have a mean old lady, Elvira Parker, for a neighbor who isn't fond of strangers on her property. One night, Paul, Tom and Samantha open the lock on her gate and get in and retrieve a basketball, and BB is shot by Elvira. Samantha struggles with an abusive father, who ultimately beats her so severely that she is left close to death. The doctors tell Paul that that she doen't have long to live, and together Paul and Tom steal Samantha's body. Paul surgically implants BB's AI chip into Samanthas brain. Samantha is activated by BB's remote control and is alive but later on she goes on a homicidal rampage. She kills people that have been mean. Because she has BB's memories, she is out of control. Can Paul save her in time before things get worse? Or will she die again?

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