Wild Style
Release: January 01, 1983
Release: January 01, 1983

Wild Style captured the hard core South Bronx scene with its pantheon of hip-hop pioneers: Grand Master Flash, The Cold Crush Bros., The Chief Rocker Busy Bee, and The Rock Steady Crew. Wild Style tells the story of Zoro (graffiti legend LEE Quinones), in his subway art romance with Ladybug (another graffiti legend Sandra PINK Fabara). Fab Five Freddy stars as the smooth impresario PHADE. Following the outlaw artists through the train yards to the clubs, Wild Style climaxes at a massive outdoor jam, definitely the most famous hip-hop party in history!

Hector: "There ain't nothing out here for you."
Zoro: "Yes there is (looks at graffiti, then back at Hector)...this."
Zoro: "Being a graffiti writer is taking the chances and shit, taking the risks."
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