Look Who's Talking Now
Release: November 05, 1993
Release: November 05, 1993

Mikey and Julie are now older and no longer dubbed. Mollie and James are still together and raising them on their own. Mollie is no longer working for the same firm, and James has landed a terrific job as a private pilot to a sexy business woman named Samantha, who is after him. Two new additions arrive in the family in the form of dogs named Rocks and Daphne. More tension forms with their arrival, and it looks uncertain if Mollie and James will remain together.

Mollie: "Pink! Mine's pink today... how festive! -Mollie"
James Mollie: "'Honey, this isn't me. I wanna be myself.' 'Okay, you're not gonna get this job if you're yourself.' -James Mollie"
Mollie: "When he gets nervous, he gets completely honest. That is a major business liability. -Mollie"
Mikey: "We need a dog. 'Cause like those guys who come to our door to sell stuff, he could chew their legs off. -Mikey"
James: "Look, they're gonna know my wife put me in this suit. It's the color of poo. -James"
Rocks: "Ma, hey Ma! Check it out! I got these things on my face to open. I can see! I can see... wrinkly butts. Yuck! -Rocks"
James: "I know, but you're gonna have plants growing out of your mouth. -James"
Mikey: "I don't wanna brush my teeth. I brushed them last Saturday! -Mikey"
Julie: "Your dog smells like a diaper. -Julie"
Mikey: "Stop brushing her, Julie. She already looks like a Q-tip. -Mikey"
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