Debut: January 01, 1993
Ended: January 01, 1995

In the early 22nd Century, mankind has achieved two great scientific feats: one, the creation of the exo-frame, a highly capable machine piloted by humans for work in extreme conditions including outer space, enabling the terraforming of Mars and Venus. Two, the neo-sapien race, a genetically perfect species created solely for labor. Angered by their subhuman standing in mankind's empire, they were led to uprise by Phaeton. The militarized neo-sapiens soon overthrew humanity's hold on Earth and Mars, with their superior strength and intelligence. Now, cloning experiments are allowing them the possiblity to procreate and further their own species. Allying with the mercenary space pirate clans that litter the outer colonies, the ExoFleet is poising to retake the solar system and set humanity on a course for peace. Exo-Squad follows this overarching story, as well as the trials of Lt. J.T. Marsh and his squadron of pilots.

Pelligrino: "Abandon all hope..."
O'Reilly: "...ye who enter here. It's Dante, from the Divine Comedy."
Bronski: "Sounds like a load of laughs."
Phaeton: "Shiva, you have always been my best general. Can you stop them?"
Shiva: "No, but I will try."
Phaeton: "An inferno rages inside me, Terran. It consumes me, burns me."
J.T. Marsh: "Probably something you ate."
Torres: "What's the big idea, Bronski? You were supposed to deliver that guy to the Arnhem in one piece."
Bronski: "He looks pretty peaceful to me, Sarge."
Capt. Arthur Butler: "The only heroes I ever saw, weren't breathin'. -Capt. Arthur Butler"
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