10 Things I Hate About You
Release: January 31, 1999
Release: January 31, 1999

Meet the Stratford sisters: pretty and popular Bianca, who has never had a date; and Kat, her older sibling, an ill-tempered harridan whose acerbic wit is matched only by her steadfast determination to alienate any guy who might be remotely interested in her. Unfortunately, strict rules in the Stratford household forbid Bianca from having a boyfriend until her odious sister has one of her own-a situation that seems highly improbable considering Kat is a social disaster. Bianca's desperation for romance turns into a convoluted scheme to match Kat with her male equivalent--a guy whose reputation is so infamous, Kat might rise to the challenge and find him worthy of her concealed charms. Mating mayhem ensues when Patrick Verona--a sullen young man with a mysterious past--is bribed by Bianca's wannabe boyfriend to woo and win Kat, in order to clear the way for Bianca to begin dating. This movie is based on Shakespeare's classic Taming of the Shrew. The producers even went so far as to keep Bianca and Katharina's names the same in the movie.

cameron: "and he's back in the game! -cameron"
michael: "that guy?! I heard he ate a live duck once- everything except the beak and feet! -michael"
patrick: "who knocked up your sister? -patrick"
cat: "am I that transparent?! I want you. I need you. oh baby. oh baby. -cat"
Michael: "I have a dick on my face don't I? -Michael"
Mr. Strafford: "My insurance does not cover PMS! -Mr. Strafford"
Michael and Cameron: "(Referring to Patrick) Michael: "We're your guys!" Cameron: "And he means that in a stricly non-prison movie type way. -Michael and Cameron"
Michael: "(trying to impress a girl) I'm thinking of buying a Tercel, yeah, that's a Toyota. -Michael"
Patrick: "Don't ever let anyone make you feel like you don't deserve what you want. -Patrick"
Dr. Stratford: "I'm down, I've got the 411, and you are not getting jiggy with some boy and I don't care how dope his ride is. -Dr. Stratford"
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