Pop Culture

This is a short Article on the how much in time has changed
October 27, 2011
Pop Culture now days is weird so where do i start with this article.
Well first lets talk about video games.... Remember the N.E.S a.k.a the Nintendo entertainment system

Now that was some AWESOME stuff when it came out but Sega had to go and make the Sega Genesis and that was the start of people wanting HIGHER DEFINITION because they where making such a big deal of that it was 16-Bit not 8-Bit. Remember the Commercials Sega DOES what NINten-DON'T.

But it's funny comparing those to the Atari by the 90's the people that remembered that where the Adults but it was NEVER forgot about a lot of kids still played it. Now look at these ADVANCED game systems such as Xbox,Wii & Play Station it's weird that there makes a change in kids growing with the kind of games the grow up with.
Same with music and iPods. The iPod is a huge thing to Teens and Tweens now days. Look at what we had in the 70s - 90s the walk-man.

I Say 70s - 90s because in the late 90s the Sony Disc-Man came out and that was a big deal at the time but it was not for to long because in 2005 was the first iPod.

Remember when E-Mail was new. JESUS CHRIST THAT WAS AWESOME but now what would we do with out E-Mail or Texting if you think about it we could not live with out Texting but E-Mail is no longer good do to teen/tweens making lol,bff,and etc. Cool things have been put in the trash because of kids ages 10-15.
THE WORST THING THAT HAS BEEN EFFECTED IS TV.Look at the new Nick logo it's so boring
It's not just the logo the channel alone sucks so bad. It's for bad Teen soap operas now and the cartoons suck even worse there nothing but jokes about Farts & Burps.Whatever Happened to good shows and cartoons like Rocko's Modern life,Rugrats,Guts,Salute your Shorts,Hey Dude,Hey Arnold.etc.

Anyways just pop culture SUCKS now i can't wait tell the next generation because this one is BAD.
Thanks for Reading
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