The Halloween That Almost Wasn't
Release: January 01, 1979

Halloween is in danger of ending forever because the witch refuses to fly her broom over the moon at midnight on Halloween night. Dracula and his monsters must do what they can to convince the witch to fly over the moon and to save Halloween from being no more. Re-named in VHS releases as "The Night Dracula Saved The World." Starring Judd Hirsch as Dracula.

Newscaster: "Some experts believe that Count Dracula himself is behind this threat to end Halloween."
Count Dracula: "(enters) Good evening."
Igor: "(startled) Oh, Count Dracula, you almost frightened me to death."
Count Dracula: "Thank you, Igor."
Frankenstein: "My feet hurt."
Count Dracula: "Don't give me that. I happen to know they're not your feet."
Frankenstein: "Why did you have to bring that up?"
Count Dracula: "Oh, never mind! It's almost 12 o'clock. We haven't got anymore time."
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