For Your Eyes Only
Release: December 15, 1981

Roger Moore makes his fifth appearance as 007 in this, the twelfth Bond film. In this outing, the renowned British double agent must locate a weapons system known as ATAC, which controls Great Britain's submarines, after it is sunk on a ship in the Ionian Sea. While he must contend with a formidable foe in the villain known as Kristatos (Glover), he does have the lovely and talented Melina (Bouquet), the daughter of a scientist killed by Kristatos, on his side. For fans craving their old favorites, Blofeld, Moneypenny and Q all put in appearances. The stunts come fast and furious, most notably a breathtaking race down a ski slope at the film's opening. Academy Award Nominations: Best Original Song ("For Your Eyes Only").

James: "(Shocked by Bibi's kiss) Don't you ever come up for air?"
Bibi: "That's why I'll get the gold medal...Breath control!"
James: "Yes, well, you can't lose!"
James: "(To Bibi) "Yes...Well, you get your clothes on and I'll buy you an ice cream". (Opening the door) "Ah, shall we?" (Bibi furiously kisses him)"
James: "I think you're wonderful, Bibi, but I don't think your uncle Ari would approve."
Bibi: "HIM? He thinks I'm still a virgin!"
Bibi: "(To James) Don't you like me?"
James: "(To Bibi) How about building up a little more muscle tone by putting on your clothes?"
Bibi: "(To James) That's a laugh. Everybody knows it builds up muscle tone."
James: "(To Bibi) "Well, I'm exceedingly flattered, Bibi, but you're in training"."
Wait, Bibi's real line to James is: "One of the porters is a fan. He'll do anything for me and I'll do anything."
Bibi: "(To James) Well, Uncle Aris is a fan. He'll do anything for me...And I'll do anything for you!"
James: "(To Bibi) Don't they have showers at the ice rink? How did you get in here"
Bond: "He had no head for heights."
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