My Superheroes Pt. 1

This is a collection of the superheros I created back in the day.
January 08, 2009
I started a notebook full of superheroes and their villains that I thought would be fun to see, and some variations of some already created. I wound up making 2 volumes worth of notebooks, but I'll highlight them here with a few articles. I was a kid, was impressionable, and was imaginative. A lot of the stuff I drew was almost an exact copy of another hero/character. Like I said, I was a kid, so sue me!

The Brak Family:

This was something I put together during my Cartoon Planet stage. Here's the gang's first album.

I LOVED that show and decided to bring in some new characters in Brak's immediate family in the form of a show. The premise of the show was Brak's interactions with his crazy family, while dealing with his friends Space Ghost, Zorak, and Moltar. Of course, this was before "The Brak Show" came out. You can tell I knew how to draw Brak pretty well haha. There's Baby Tak, Brother Mak, Sister Frak, and Granny (spelt "Grany" in pic) Nak. Luckily, I left out Dad, who turned out human in the Adult Swim show.

Fantastic Flock:

from left to right: 'Who?', 'Hawk Master'

from left to right: 'White Dove', 'Woodpecker'

This is a cheap rip-off of The Fantastic Four and Gatchaman (G-Force).

I got the idea in the car one day when I was in 3rd grade. I thought, "Why aren't they just called The Fantastic Flock? It sounds cooler." The first guy is 'Who?'. Obviously a play on what owls say. He was the oldest and followed second command behind Hawk Master. This guy was the second oldest, but was the leader of the group. Stirred emotions were a result of the age difference. White Dove is the mother-like individual in the group. This is not to be confused with DC's hero, Dove.

Dove is on the left

Now, not to make a ruckus on the website, and I'm mentioning again that I was only in the 3rd grade; I named the youngest member of the team after a colloquial term for a man's reproductive organ. I drew this team, and with pride, showed my brother what I created. He busted out with laughter and told me that I named the last member after a man's... um.. member. I quickly added the word 'Wood' in front of his name, and he became Woodpecker. I learned something that day... thank you, brother.


Okay, the rest of these guys follow in this layout. On the left side is the hero (the good guy), and on the right side is the villain (bad guy to the good guy).


Give Up & Eye Master:

from left to right: 'Give Up', 'Eye Master'

Give Up is a LETHAL robot with the ability to scare the piss out of any evil-doer. Look at him! That scary crossbow can tear throw any armor. He has a flame thrower/ gun. That laser can burn holes like a mother-effer. He's a robot with awesome sword skills. And he's definitely not vulnerable to any nudges with that single wheel and his high center of gravity. He's the ultimate crime fighter.... I kid. Nonetheless, he has to stop the monstrous Eye Master. This guy can focus on anything in front of him with a telescopic eye. His only limitation is the curvature of the earth's surface (the horizon). Steroids pump into his eye socket from a canister strapped to his back. I added the feature of a morphable hand that is pictured in the drawing as a hammer. Oh yeah, he is in no way related to the eye glass retailer EyeMasters.

Bobcat & Tooth Face:

from left to right: 'Bobcat', 'Tooth Face'

Bobcat is in many ways similar to Wolverine, besides the fact he is nicer (look at that smile). He has impenetrable claws and stripes on his uniform. He takes on the abilities of felines. He is agile, smells danger, and has an unquenchable taste for milk. His villain is Tooth Face. Is there any more to say about this bad guy other than the fact his name sounds like Two Face.

When I was little, I swore Two Face's name was Tooth Face. I grew up, and decided to bring this villain to life. I guess he's a dentist by day and a bank robber by night.

Speeder & Black Tornado:

from left to right: 'Speeder', 'Black Tornado'

Ever since I started collecting comic books, Daredevil has been my favorite hero. As I got deeper into the comic realm I found a hero by the name of Quicksilver. I loved this character. He was a bad guy at first working under his father, Magneto, who then turned good and joined The Avengers. I loved his power and look, so I decided to make a Quicksilver of my own. Speeder encompasses the same aspects as Quicksilver, except he has a mask (like the Quicksilver/Impulse hybrid 'Mercury' from the Amalgam crossover).

His villain is Black Tornado, a rip-off of Red Tornado in the DC Universe.

In fact, I was just looking at a picture of Red Tornado in an issue of Wizard magazine while I drew this character. I just added a Mysterio-like bubble to make him look menacing. These two would duke it out heavily, only to end with Speeder neutralizing the tornado made by BT by running in the counter-direction of the twister's rotation.

Mega Watt/Battery Man & Negative/Positive:

clockwise: 'Mega Watt', 'Negative', 'Positive', 'Battery Man'

Mega Watt is a character looking awfully familiar to Batman's villain Mr. Freeze.

He runs on the energy source of Battery Man. Once an ordinary battery, turned supercharged from a freak lightning strike while inside a Game Boy. The Game Boy was being played by a boy playing his favorite game, The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening.

Through the lightning strike, the battery gained Link's heroics and personality, and searched for an ally to fight for justice: enter Mega Watt. The combination of Mega Watt and Battery Man bring an electrical force unseen before, but is evenly matched with the power of Positive and Negative (spelt as "Negitive" in the pic). These two are floating symbols with conflicting attitudes. Negative is the pessimistic one while Positive is the optimistic one. Notice that I had no idea which sign went with each word.

Streetch & The Hippie:

from left to right: 'The Hippie', 'Streetch'

I drew this in middle school. I originally wanted to make The Hippie the good guy, but I wound up liking the modern influenced Streetch. Streetch drips coolness, unlike Saved By the Bell's Screech.

Streetch is a DJ by day (or is that at night). In other words, when he's not fighting crime, he spins those plates. His name derives from the fact that he has street smarts and has the ability to stretch. The Hippie is just basically a guy whacked out from drugs. He and Streetch banter and fight about their differences, ultimately leading to The Hippie's placement in jail with possession charges.

The Legion of Legends & The General:

clockwise: 'Seeker', 'Apparition Lad', 'Water Lass', 'Invisible Gal'

clockwise: 'Print', 'Quicker', 'Floatism', 'Redline'

clockwise: 'Atom Crusher', 'Flare', 'Giant Girl', 'Telegirl'

clockwise: 'Electrikid', 'The General', 'Zoo'

The Legion of Legends functions much like The Legion of Super-Heroes. They're both composed of adolescent heroes and fight the perils of the universe.

The leader of the group is trusted with the Legion Belt which harbors the ability to jump through time. This helps the Legion-ites (haha) travel across time to write the wrongs. Seeker is the current leader. He has the ability to foresee the future, which helps with unnecessary leaps into the future. I drew these guys very simple at first, but redrew them later on in detail. The General is the Legion's biggest adversary. He killed their last leader and wears the Legion Belt he stole from the fallen leader upside down in spite of the group. The other members include and their "inspirations:

Invisible Gal - she turns invisible!

AKA: Invisible Woman

Apparition (spelt "Aparition" in pic) Lad - he becomes transparent, but still visible (much like Kitty Pryde).
Water Lass - manipulates water and shoots it out of her hands.

Like Aspen from Fathom, but with short hair

Print - the tomboy girl of the group. She can duplicate herself in any amounts.

Multiple Man

Redline - he uses a plasma-like staff in hand to hand combat. I guess it's like a lightsaber.

Darth Maul

Quicker - the speedster of the group. I tried giving him a 'fro at first. I thought it would be funny to see a guy running at super sonic speed with a huge afro.

The Answer?

Floatism - she floats.

Chris Angel?

Atom Crusher - he's the alien of the group. Can shrink to atomic scale.

Atom Smasher

Wears those weird Oakley glasses that wrap around the head.

Telegirl (spelt Telligirl in pic) - she has telekinetic powers.

Marvel Girl

Flare - fire manipulator.

The Human Torch

Giant Girl - she's the goth of the group. She grows, duh.

Marvel's Giant-Girl

Electrikid - electricity manipulator.


Zoo - she talks to and controls animals.

Sort of like Animal Man

Toiloet Man & H-E-F-B-S-S Man:

My brother stole my notebook one day and added a few of his own superheroes. His first creation is Toilet Man, complete with a plunger and toilet scrubber. His second was Hawk-Eagle-Falcon-Bat-Super-Soaker Man, a farce on a combination of characters. He didn't draw the guy, but left his shield as a reminder. Today, I get the feeling he was making fun of my characters.

Thanks for reading. I hope you find these guys funny and entertaining. Feel free to share your own heroes you made. I'll make another one of these soon with more ACTION-PACKED creations. Laters.
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