Release: June 16, 1978
Release: June 16, 1978

Almost 30 years alter its premiere; Randal Kleiser's Grease is as popular as ever. To what do it owes its everlasting attraction? Maybe it's because this nostalgic musical vision of the fifties is one of those films where everything fits right into place. Without a doubt, another determinant factor that helped become this movie a classic is the great chemistry between its stars, beautiful Olivia Newton-John and the lovable and charismatic John Travolta. Danny Zuko is back in Rydell High School for senior year. He's a bad boy who wears a leather jacket and hangs out with others who do the same. He tells his friends, the T-Birds (or the Burger Palace Boys, if you're going by the play), about the great summer vacation he had at the beach with this girl Sandy. Sandy has just transferred to Rydell High and is trying to make friends, which happen to include the Pink Ladies. She is The Ingenue, and she is also a senior. She tells her side of the story at the same time. Then the other girls realize the fella she was with was Danny Zuko, and they take her to meet him. At that moment, he is more interested in maintaining his image than acting like the sensitive guy Sandy remembered, and she leaves broken-hearted. They love each other. Can they get past their differences and get together before the end of senior year?

Danny Zukos: "(singing) It was supreme...the chicks will cream...for grease lightning"
Frenchy: "[Frenchy and Sandy are in the bathroom; Frenchy is about to pierce Sandy's ears] Sandy, Sandy, beauty is pain."
Frenchy: "[Sandy screams; Frenchy sticks her head out of the bathroom] Could you please get me some ice to numb her earlobes?"
Marty: "Why don't you just let the cold water run, and stick her ear under the faucet?"
Frenchy: "Oh! [goes back inside]"
Danny: "bite the weeny Riz"
Rizzo: "with relish"
sonny: "Rizzo's got a bun in the oven"
Marty to Rizzo: "Hey Riz what do ya think of my new glasses? Don't ya think they make me look smarter? Rizzo: Nah, you can still see ya face! -Marty to Rizzo"
Kenickie: "You're cruisin' for a bruisin'. -Kenickie"
Danny: "(singing)I got the chills. And they're multipling. And I'm losing control. -Danny"
Danny: "Stranded at the drive in branded a fool what will they say monday at school -Danny"
Danny: "You can't just walk out of a drive-in. -Danny"
Rizzo: "[singing] Look at me, I'm Sandra Dee / Lousy with virginity / Won't go to bed 'til I'm legally wed / I can't, I'm Sandra Dee. -Rizzo"
Sandy: "You're a fake and a phony, and I wish I never laid eyes on you! -Sandy"
Kenickie: "A hickie from Kenickie is like a Hallmark card, when you only care to send the very best -Kenickie"
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