Child's Play
Release: November 09, 1988

After six year old Andy Barclay's babysitter is violently pushed out of a window to her death, nobody believes him when he says that "Chucky"; his new birthday doll, did it! Until things start going terribly wrong... dead wrong. Staring- Brad Drouif as Chucky!

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Andy (beating on Chucky): "Come on Chucky. Say something. Tell me why you killed Aunt Maggie."
Chucky: "Hi. I'm Chucky. And I'm your friend until the end. Hidy ho, ha ha ha."
Elderly Woman (as she gets off the elevator): "Ugly doll."
Chucky: "Fuck you."
Chucky: "Give me the boy,i will let you live,just give me the boy"
Chucky: "Hi Im Chucky, We'll Be Freinds T"ill The End!"
Chucky( Charles lee ray): "Hi I'm chucky,wanna play? -Chucky( Charles lee ray)"
Chucky: "Ya stupid bitch! -Chucky"
Chucky: "Haha!, wont do you any good Mikey you cant hurt me! -Chucky"
Chucky: "Haha wont do you any good tommy, you cant hurt me! -Chucky"
Chucky and Andy: "Chucky: Andy no. Please. Were friends to the end. Remember? Andy: This IS the end, Friend. -Chucky and Andy"
andy: "Chucky said she got what she deserved!!!!! -andy"
Chucky: "Batter up! -Chucky"
Andy: "this is the end! friend! -Andy"
Andy: "Aunt Maaaaagie, Chucky wants to watch the nine o'clock news... -Andy"
Mike Norris: "Because I'm sane Mrs.Barclay! Sane and rational! -Mike Norris"
Chucky: "Heidi-ho! Ha, ha, ha -Chucky"
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