HFD: Worst of the Series #1

A look at the worst of the Chucky films
September 16, 2009
HFD: Worst of the Series

This is HorrorFanDude again. This is a new series of articles I'm starting titled "Worst of the Series." It's where I review a cruddy sequel in a classic horror movie series. Almost every horror movie series has one or two sequels that aren't as good the others. There's usually one that stands out as the worst.


There are a total of five "Child's Play" films and the fifth movie is the only one that's bad. If you haven't seen any of the "Child's Play" movies and have not seen this one, I warn you not to.

Before I get started talking about Seed, I'll explain the plot to films 1-4.

The first film was about a serial killer named Charles Lee Ray (Chucky) who transferred his soul into the body of a children's doll. He was given as a birthday present to an unknowing boy named Andy. Since he revealed himself about being a killer inside a doll, Chucky had the chance to transfer his soul into Andy and become human again. So he he goes after Andy and kills people in the process. Child's Play 2 and 3 continued this plot. These films in the series were dark with some humor. These are good films in the series.
The fourth movie had Chucky getting a sidekick who was also a killer inside a doll named Tiffany. This movie changed the series into horror comedies. This is a good entry too.

Now I'll talk about the plot to "Seed of Chucky."

This movie is about Chucky and his killer doll wife Tiffany getting a genderly confused doll they name Glen. Well, Chucky names him Glen becuase he thinks he's a boy which he obviously is. Tiffany names him Glenda because she thinks he a girl. This joke is an Ed Wood movie reference.

Anyway, Chucky and Tiffany are in Hollywood and they want to tranfer their souls into the bodies of celebrities Jennifer Tilly and Red Man. In the mean time, Chucky wants to make his son into a killer just like him. Glen doesn't like the idea of being a serial killer.

This movie is the worst just because it is. While there are some scenes that are good and it has some gory death scenes, This movie just isnt as good as the others. I don't like Chucky having a genderly confused scottish doll son and I don't like the movie turning into full comedy. Writer Don Mancini was probably running out of ideas. That's what he said when he made the third.

I don't know what else to say about this movie. It's the worst. You'll probably see this movie in a $5 DVD section at a Kmart. I certainly did. What a waste of $5 that was.

See ya, Readers.
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