Child's Play

Halloween movie review
October 14, 2013
It's that time again. Time for a scary Halloween movie to review. Last year it was the 1978 zombie classic Dawn of the Dead this year it is Child's Play. Note to the reader this review isn't that long because there is that much plot to explain in the film.

Child's Play was a Horror movie that I shouldn't have seen when I was young but I did. I think I might have been seven or eight when I first seen it. My older brother let me watch it and it really scared me. The character Chucky gave me nightmares at the time; luckily I outgrew being scared of Chucky and no permanent damage.

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I like this trailer

Child's Play Stars Brad Dourif as Psycho Killer Charles "Chucky" Lee Ray Charles got shot running from the police. To save himself he transfers his soul into a children's doll, a "Good Guy Doll" to be precise.

Brad Dourif originally got his start in the movie One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest as mental patient Billy Bibbit. Even back then he played a crazy guy.

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Brad, you so crazy!

Well back to "Child's Play." Eventually a boy named Andy gets the Good Guy Doll, Chucky for his sixth birthday.

Alex Vincent the actor that plays Andy hasn't done much acting as a adult, and isn't known for much else outside the "Child's Play" franchise.

This movie was written by: Don Mancini, John Lafia, and Tom Holland Mancini hasn't written that much outside the "Child's Play" franchise. John Lafia has written a few TV movies and Tom Holland has written and directed quite a few Horror/Thriller movies, some of which were made for television. Also he directed "Child's Play."

Let's continue with the story. Now since "Child's Play" and the character Chucky are well known I will try to not get into too much detail with the story.
Okay then the more Chucky is in the doll the more human he becomes and he eventually he can bleed and will be able to die only to be brought back again for sequel after sequel.

My favorite poster is "Child's Play 2"

Also within the body of a doll it seems one can grow (how do I say this) reproductive organs. Later in the sequels Chucky is able to conceive a child. The child he has is also a doll, but let's not talk about that.

It also seems that since Chucky told his secret to Andy first he can only transfer his soul into Andy to become truly human again.

I wonder how that would work. Would Andy's and Chucky's soul share Andy's body or would Andy's soul go in the doll?

Could you imagine if Chucky's soul was in Andy's body, you would then have a six year old with a mind of a serial killer? That would be really messed up.

Overall I think this movie is still good today and although the sequels get really ridiculous down the line the first movie isn't that bad. Yes, it has it's flaws, but what cheesy horror movie doesn't. Honestly, a movie about a psycho killer doll isn't going to be a masterpiece, but it will give you some cheap thrills. So in a way "Child's Play" is about as good as one can expect from this kind of movie.

Retrodave's Rating: 7 out of 10

P.S. There is a new Chucky movie that has recently came out only to DVD and Blu-Ray called "Curse of Chucky." Brad Dourif will reprise his role as Chucky, and Brad's daughter Fiona will play in the movie. Also, Don Mancini has written and directed this movie. This movie is supposed to steer away from the comedic moments of "Seed of Chucky" and go back to the straight horror of the original "Child's Play" movie. So to end this article here is a trailer of "Curse of Chucky."

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