TMNT toys part 1

The Teenage Muntant Ninja Turtle toys I used to have
September 23, 2011
Growing up during the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles era I had collected quite a few TMNT toys. Most of them are gone due me growing up, and having most of them giving away by my mom at yard sales, flea markets, etc. But these toys were awesome to say the least. Since I do not have these toys anymore I was able to get great pictures of them from online. To find your favorite tmnt toys try googling tmnt toy archive. Lets' take a look.

The original 1988 set

This is the original collection and It would be nice to have this set now. The only figures I didn't have in the '88 collection is April O' Neil and Foot Soldier. Pretty basic collection and there is not much else to say.

1989 series


I liked him a lot. Although he only appeared in one episode I'm aware of I know Metalhead was a cool robot. Basically Metalhead is everything a Ninja Turtle is except he is a robot. I remember my older brother destroying this toy with a weed whacker that was really mean.

Baxter Stockman

You know what's strange about this toy is I still have the detachable wings and not the actual figure itself. Baxter Stockman was one of my favorite villains from the cartoon especially in Fly form. I wonder why they never made a human version of Baxter Stockman.


Originally just a plain alligator from the everglades, he mutated into the fearsome Leatherhead. Leatherhead is most terrifying Cajun gator there ever was. I guarantee .

Rat King

I liked this character too. The Rat King is basically the evil version of the pied piper. I really love the detail on this figure such as the rats and the spiders molded on the figure.

General Traag

I got this toy for Christmas or birthday present as I did with most TMNT figures. Gen. Traag was so cool he was the general of Krang's Rock Soldier Army. I thought the Rock Soldiers were really cool. Seriously I just loved the fact they were soldiers made of rock. But I was really disappointed when I got the toy and so the toy "accidentally" got broke. Do you want to know why? because this Gen. Traag looked nothing like the Gen. Traag from the TV show. Here take a look.

General Traag from series

Seriously what a rip-off! The others were some good figures. Why did they have to screw-up General Traag.
1989 Wacky Figures

I had all four of this set. Oddly enough "wacky" Leonardo did not come out until 1990; therefore I did not have him in my collection. Don was a wind-up swimming turtle and since I was a very young boy when I got him he became my favorite bath toy, and was my favorite of the four in this set. Mikey all he could do was spin his arm while holding a nun-chuck. Raph had this part you'd attach to his back and he spin around on his back. The Mouser was basically a wind-up walking toy that didn't walk that well. The Mouser would walk a few steps fall over and kick its legs awhile. That's it for the 1989 series. Toys I wish I had from this group are Krang and Casey Jones.

1990 series

Don the Undercover Cover Turtle

The Turtles in the show would often disguise themselves and I thought their disguises were never really that good, but I liked the idea. So I just had to get this toy, and I love the knife sticking out from his jacket. The only problem with this toy is the mask it came with would never stay on.

Part of my 1990 collection featured some characters that only had one or two appearances on the show but were more seen in the TMNT Archie Comics. Therefore I can't tell you how they were used in the show.

Mondo Gecko

As far as I can remember I didn't have this toy for very long. I don't remember what happen to it but I did keep the skateboard it came with and I used it as Mike's skateboard.


I have no idea what episode this guy is from. He had to be a Christmas or Birthday present because If the toy didn't look cool or if I didn't recognize it I would not want it. I don't like the looks of this guy. He is ugly and stupid looking. He had detachable wings, a utility belt and "Screwloose" his mosquito companion.


I love this character even though It's one of the characters I don't remember from the show. This whole guy is made out of garbage. This was one of my favorite turtle toys because of the design and detail on this toy. If you look closely you can see the different pieces of garbage. Muckman came with a trashcan that could attach to his back. A "muckgun" and his garbage sidekick Joe Eyeball that would fit in the trashcan. If you had a can of "Ooze" (sold separately) you could take the top of his head off and pour the ooze in his head and it would dribble out the mouth. Also you could pour the ooze in his trash can then it would seep out the from the hole in his stomach which would simulate garbage slime. It was pretty cool until my mom would yell at me for getting ooze on the floor and making a mess. Muckman was clearly a favorite of mine.


This was another cool character with really cool detail. Again I don't remember him from the show. If I had a close-up of this guy you'd be able to see bugs on him. Scumbug was an exterminator that transformed into a mutant bug. He came with little plastic bugs and a poison pack-gun with hoses that plug in to him. I also like how one hand is normal and one is a bug's claw. Another thing why is his antenna shaped like McDonald's golden arches? Scumbug was another one of my favorite TMNT toys. As I recall the 1990 series was a good series. Too bad I didn't have the evil turtle Slash from that series.

That's enough for now stay tuned for part two.
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