TMNT Toys Part 3

A look at the veichels, play-sets and miscellaneous stuff I had.
October 12, 2011
Retrodave back again with TMNT toys part 3. This time around I will tell you about the vehicles and play-sets and other misc. toys that weren't the action figures. I didn't have the cool vehicles like the Turtle Van or Turtle Blimp. I didn't have the cool play-sets like the Sewer-hideout or Technodrome. So you're probally wondering what did I have. Well let us take a walk down memory lane and find out. Also note this is article is short compared to the other two, but I wanted to write about the vehicles too. Another note I could not fine good pictures of certain toys on the TMNT toy archive so I got other pictures of the box art instead.

1988 series


A motorcycle with trashcan side-car. This also had a "handlebar slingshot." Not too spectacular but its still a vehicle that two turtles could ride in.


A boat that Shredder and the gang could ride. It must be eel powered which would explain the eels in front of the vehicle. This vehicle also had detachable missiles. Pretty cool and since I was a little boy when I got this it was lots of fun to play with in the bath.


You would strap the turtle in the bottom of ooze pan. Then pour the ooze in at the top. Afterwards you'd pull open the lever and the ooze would get it all over the turtles "mutating" it. This was fun until your mom yelled at you for making a mess. Also when you ran out of ooze this toy became useless.

1990 serries

This was basically a spring loaded cannon with a brick wall foreground. The set up was like this: the brick wall was supposed to be the front of a pizza pallor to lure the turtles into a trap. Then the turtles come in the and get shot with the cannon. Really the brick wall part wasn't necessary. You could have more fun with the cannon alone. I loved using this to shoot turtles, villains and other toys that weren't TMNT related. If memory serves me right you could only shoot the projectile that it came with; which sucks in a way.

Sewer Selzter Cannon

This thing was weird looking. Look at the box. It's a cannon with eyes. I remember it squirted a little bit of water. What a rip-off not nearly as good as it looked on the box art. Not a favorite of mine and definately not that fun. One plus was getting water on the floor wasn't nearly as messy as getting ooze on the floor.

1991 series

Rocksteady's Pogocopter

One might ask what is a "pogocopter?" Well I would say it's a helicopter that looks like the one in the picture. Also This looks like one of the Turtles vehicles; with the green shell design and all. This was a cool looking vehicle even though it was supposed to Rocksteady's Copter. I said the heck with it it should belong to the turtles. I didn't take care of this very well and it fell apart. I would lose the accessories to this vehicle and other vehicles icluding ones from other francizes right away; like missiles and such. Oh well what can you do?

Mike's Kowabunga Beach Buggy

I thought "Kowabunga" was spelled with a "C." Nevermind. Besides the Pogocopter this was my favorite vehicle. I liked because it was the only tmnt vehicle I had that was a car. I believe this toy is in my parent's basement somewhere, but the detatchable accessories are not part of it now. Like I said before I easily lost removable parts from vehicles I had and this was no exception. Here are some other things I liked about the toy. I liked the surfboard bumper because it would push in and out as the wheels moved. The shell design on the wheels is a nice touch too.

Okay turtle fan dudes that is it. Finally, it took three parts but I was able to write about all the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle toys that I had. Thanks for reading. Now if you excuse me all this writing has made me hungry. So if you don't mind I'm getting some "ninja pizza." Pizza that vanish quickly without trace.
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