TMNT toys part 2

more Tmnt toys I had
October 03, 2011
I'm back again here with more of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figures I used to play with. I would just like to say thanks to all of the positive feedback from the first article.

1991 series

Grand Slammin' Raph

It's Raphael with a baseball theme. He came with a bat, glove and practice tee. This was a cool idea putting the turtles in a sports theme. They did this theme again with Olympic sports in 1992. However I did not have any figures from that paticular collection.

Shell Slammin' Mike

Michelangelo with a wrestling theme; now that's awesome. For some reason he came with a snake that could be worn around his neck. I remember liking this toy a lot. I would imagine Mikey being automatically stronger just because he was a wrestler.

Rappin' Mike

Isn't this awesome looking toy. Okay now I can see that Mikey looks ridiculous. But back in the day he looked so rad dressed that way, and after all the theme song said he was a party dude. Also I want to add Go Ninja! Go Ninja Go!

Hose 'Em Down Don

It's Donatello as a firefighter. The cool thing about this figure is it came with an axe which is much more impressive than Don's Bo Staff. I always thought that Don got the worst weapon. I mean come on it's only just a stick.


If you thought Muckman or Scumbug was gruesome, well there nothing compared to Wyrm. I mean look at this guy he looks so weird looking. One of his legs is a tentacle; that is so bizzare by itself. Also look at his fingers they look like they're made of worms. It seems like the ones that were the most gruesome figures were my favorite. You readers may be wondering what episode Wyrm is from. Well according to TMNTPedia. Wyrm isn't from the cartoon. He is from the Archie Comic Series.

I had forgotten about this guy until I started looking at different figures at the tmnt toy archive. Which tells you my impression of him. I guess it was a Christmas gift or something, because I certainly don't remember much about this toy. I did research on this particular character on TMNTPedia and found only the toy and nothing else.


I love the movies growing up so I had to get Rahzar from the second movie. I was disappointed that the muntants in the movie weren't Bebop and Rocksteady. But what can you do. Also I was disappointed that I didn't have a Tokka or Super Shredder toy. However that didn't stop me from the joy of playing with Rahzar.

1992 series

Mutatin' Michaelangelo

I have had a lot of favorites but this had to be my ultimate favorite because I still have this one. Only the "normal" turtle legs and sides are broke. This was cool. It was like playing with two toys in one. This toy was sort of like a transformer only it was a ninja turtle.

Mutatin' Rocksteady

This toy was similar to Mutatin' Michaelangelo only this time, all you had to do was push the button on the back to change him. It was easy and fun to play with; that is until I accidently broke him.

1993 series

Cartwheelin' Karate Don
(the last one of my collection)

This toy was a joke it was suppose to do a cartwheel in mid-air and land on his feet. 9 times out of 10 it would not. That is real a disappointment. I did learn that sometimes not all things work like they should.

In the span of five years I had collected 33 action figures. Not bad. Of course my parents bought them for me, but still not bad. After five years of collecting I was starting to out-grow TMNT. In '93 I was eight and back then I thought that the turtles were no longer for me. However, I really do miss these action figures now. Well that's all I have, except I forgot to mention my vehicles and play-sets. Oh well, I guess I have to do a part 3.
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