Camp Nowhere
Release: August 26, 1994
Release: August 26, 1994

A highly entertaining movie starring Christopher Lloyd, Andrew Keegan and Johnathan Jackson. Four intelligent, smart-mouthed attractive kids from the suburbs are sick and tired of being forced by their parents to attend lame camps such as fat camp, military camp, acting camp and computer camp during the summer. With the help of a wacky adult (Christopher Lloyd) they are able to somehow pull off the creation of their own camp with no parents and most importantly, no rules. They deal with growing up, facing life and just having an awesome time. Do they pull it off? What matters is that they actually put it together successfully in the first place. The best part? Plenty of 90s teen angst.

Dennis: "Diets don't work. Chocolate cake works. -Dennis"
Walter: "Who would think something like this would happen from harmless flares and roman candles? -Walter"
Gaby: "(Referring to Betty Stoler) She has food stuck in her braces from last Christmas. -Gaby"
Dennis and Mud: ""Mud": Who's this? Dennis Van Welker: Winston Churchill. Jimi Hendrix of the spoken word. "Mud": Who's Jimi Hendrix? Dennis Van Welker: Michael Jordan of the electric guitar. -Dennis and Mud"
Gaby: "(on Dennis Van Welker) Last year, he tried to do 'Silence of the Lambs' as a musical. -Gaby"
Dennis Van Welker: "You know, back in the '60s when we said we wanted to change society, maybe we should've been more specific. -Dennis Van Welker"
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