Cartoon Network's got issues

Why does CN have issues today? Check out this article for answers.
July 27, 2007
Okay, first of all, none of the stuff mentioned below happened to our childhood! Our generation was better, the new one sucks.

Where to start? Oh yes, with the removal of Tom and Jerry, I have declared that Cartoon Network is nothing. And not only that, they're failing more!

To the shows, I have no respect for. Also, Cartoon Network calls these Cartoon Network Originals! WTF?!!! Originals?!! Wanna know what's original?! The Cartoon Cartoons you bastards!!!

First up is My Gym Partner's A Monkey, the worst show ever made on Cartoon Network. It makes too many ass jokes and almost everything refers to his ass, and nobody seems to care but laugh. God damn, nobody in our generation have watched this piece of crap! Moving on...

Second, Squirrel Boy is awful too, only it copies off CatDog and nothing else. It's rarely shown on Cartoon Network, at least it's better than MGPAM! I don't know what's the point of this show, but it's probably shown that CN is having aids I assume. Oh well, never mind this dirty crap. Let's keep going...

Third, Camp Lazlo is more like SpongeBob only it's on a campground and it is worse than SpongeBob Squarepants. I watched it a few times, it was horrible. Frankly, a cartoon of this piece of shit was shown at a theater when I saw Ratutooie (Or whatever it is). I don't call this for hilarious crap, which it isn't. Coming up next...
Fourth, Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends. It was innocent at first, but then it started going downhill very quickly unexpectedly. Out of nowhere came Goo Goo and that pointed out that the show was failing. Let's go forward...

Fifth, we have Ben 10. And god is it horrible! This points out that kids are rulers, really? No! This idiot doesn't know shit about kicking ass! His sister was right! Ben is an asshole! For some weird reason, everyone seems to like this show when it sucks.

Now if that wasn't enough, the movies are awful too! Cartoon Network airs movies on occasion (Normally on weekends). Most of these are garbage while Shrek and School of Rock which Cartoon Network plans to never air again (Son of a 1000 bitches!!!) and the garbage is always the movies. Lili Griffin, help us all!

Cartoon Network Extra just shows shorts that are from the originals that nobody likes. There's not much to say about these too.

The majority of the commercials are terrible and more common nowadays. I'm meaning like rub n' color, kidz bop, and most of these are Bamzu! GOD DAMMIT SHUT THE F*CK UP BAMZU!!!!!!

Now that I think of it, Cartoon Network's hit rock bottom. I can't stand it anymore! I am not going to watch this piece of shit anymore. So, do not watch CN anymore and don't touch it! Bye!
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