Corrosive storms of my life

Showing you what I was through during my first 14 years of my life
November 25, 2007
10. Hurricane Floyd

Ah yes... Hurricane Floyd. This was the last storm that hit me when I was in 2nd grade and was 7. I recall being out of school for the rest of the week when this monster hit us as a tropical storm. During our last half hour of the school day before we had to skip a few days due to Floyd, one of my teachers were telling us we were not going to school because of Floyd. Basically they wanted to keep the majority of us home with our families. Before Floyd, I really had no idea Floyd was going to cause trouble. On September 16, 1999 during Floyd, I was watching The Weather Channel and they were saying that Floyd was going to be a rainmaker and flooded us real bad, giving more rain to the already saturated ground right after Hurricane Dennis that same year. Pollen levels rose to the highest I've ever seen in Maryland and my life, but damage was low.

9. Hurricane Dennis

(False Color Image from NOAA showing Hurricane Dennis of 1999 making landfall)

Hell even Hurricane Dennis in 1999 caused trouble as well. I remember this troublemaker didn't do anything to harm our school week, due to its low intensity and damage but as I said on Floyd, the rain caused some saturation to cause so much rain. But back to Dennis, I was in the same grade, same age, and same everything. During our day, Hurricane Dennis came threw as a tropical depression and we were sent home immediaty before this storm came after us. At least it didn't cut us off a few days like Floyd!

8. Blizzard of 1993

This storm was horrible. It dumped very heavy snow and caused power outages widespread around Saint Louis. Most of the city was full of snow and nothing else. It was bad. It didn't cause much but it did last on March 13-14. After the storm, we constantly went to see our relatives and check on our grandparents to see if they were okay. On March 16, we got our power back on.

7. 1995 Derecho

1995 was a bad year for severe weather. This storm came through us real bad and was moving very slow, cutting off power to 60% of our city. Also, this one was really difficult to predict as it was expected to hit Wisconsin but not us. Now I can't remember when it hit us but I can tell you damn well it was during July and spoiled our 4th of the July.

6. Hurricane Gordon

Gordon was a terrible system. It was disorganized as said on TWC but it was going over us on September 17, a year after Hurricane Floyd and dumping not as much rain, but it caused cosmetic damage around our area. You may even ask why is Gordon worse? Well, it definitly was. It hit us as a depression, but unlike Floyd, it hit us directly in its path, spreading high winds and light rain across our area, and dematerializing our cable, but it was a very windy storm. After the storm, I took my dog for a walk around the area on September 18 after school to see if there was worse damage around our area. Also, we lost power for 72 hours which was really horrible.

5. Blizzard of 1998

1998 saw a brisk and huge storm. No power outages happened during this storm. On April 10, 1998, we were taken out of school early, and this storm came threw with 18 inches dumped of heavy snow, lots of freezing rain, and we were out of school for 2 weeks. On April 24, 1998, we head back to school after a huge school skip due to very heavy snow. On April 13, 1998, when the storm ended, I went outside to see how much snow we got which was heavier than I've ever seen. This was caused by a thunderstorm that hit us a few days before.

4. Ice Storm of 2003

Yes, Texas does get hit by snow badly even. On February 24, 2003, we left school at 2:30 PM after the forecasters on our radio said "It will be dark and rainy" and I said to myself "Looks like pain..." and I was in 5th grade during this when we were working, I heard some thundersnow outside and the principal was constantly saying something like "You will have at least" but I can't remember. I had a cassette tape recorder and should've attempted to record this, but it was hard to. It was the worst storm I saw in Texas, and we were hit on my Dad's 43rd birthday as well.

3. July 19, 2006 Derecho

2006 saw a repeat of 1995 when a huge derecho came right at us. On July 19, 2006 (As it says in the title), we were back from the caverns while visiting relatives, whereas it was cut off by this storm. During the night, I was constantly watching the news about this storm and they said there was tornado warnings issued for the county I was in, and St. Louis was also in the path. My siblings' movie night was also cut off and they spent 2 hours riding out the storm. Also, this storm surprised most of the forecasters there.

2. Stormy December

On December 30, 2002, during our winter break, we saw severe weather constantly attempting to hit us, but tornadoes were also coming through near us and missed our city badly. I can't really talk about this one but it was a bad storm that did nothing to us but brought some nice rain.

1. Hurricane Bonnie 1998

Bonnie was a huge troublemaker. We were in a lot of trouble when Bonnie was targeting North Carolina and we were taking action during this mad storm. The Weather Channel was babbling about this storm and constant coverage was very common from time to time. But the good thing is, is that it caused no damage, but then Floyd again, was to repeat Bonnie. Now we didn't get out of school for this storm, whereas it hit us right before we were about to go to school! Our first day of school was moved and my start of 1st grade started bad. During the storm, we saw heavy rain, destructive winds, basically anything a hurricane has!

So there you go! This was my top 10 most remembered storms ever! See you later!
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