Blondie and Dagwood
Release: May 15, 1987
Release: May 15, 1987

Cartoon special based on comic strip.

Dagwood: "(searching in his fridge for sandwich supplies) Let's see now...knockwurst, marinated mackerel, marshmellow whip, and a sour pickle. Now this oughta do it!"
Dagwood: "You're right, Daisy. As long as we're up, we might as well have a little snack."
Dagwood: "(his hall phone rings) Hmm...the only bathtub-activated phone in the neighborhood."
Dagwood: "Dagwood: "Would you consider moving to Yugoslavia?" -Dagwood"
Mr. Dithers: "Mr. Dithers: "Uh, Dagwood, you *can* pay the bill because..."(Cora punches him in the arm) "Ohh!...because you're rehired." (Cora stamps his foot) "Ow! And uh, with a raise!" -Mr. Dithers"
Dagwood: "Dagwood: "Don't panic, Dagwood. You're a strong, independent, intelligent man. You know just what to do in a crisis!" (some cream splashes on his face) "BLONDIIIIIIE!" -Dagwood"
Dagwood: "Dagwood: "You just can't find good help these days." -Dagwood"
Dagwood: "Dagwood: "A lot of fathers don't know how to communicate with their kids." -Dagwood"
Dagwood: "Dagwood: "I just lost a fight with a begonia!" -Dagwood"
Mr. Dithers: "Mr. Dithers: "Wha-? Uh, oh. This must be the rocket elevator...THE ROCKET ELEVATOR?!" -Mr. Dithers"
Mr. Dithers: "Mr. Dithers: "Bumstead, you're...fired!" -Mr. Dithers"
Dagwood: "Dagwood: "Does this kind of stuff ever happen to you?" -Dagwood"
Dagwood: "Sounds like we're gonna need a new umbrella, honey."
Blondie: "(chuckles) Oh, Dagwood!"
Mr. Dithers: "We've gotta go home and let the dog out."
Cora: "What? We don't even have a dog!"
Mr. Dithers: "Well, we should get one."
Dagwood: "Uh, sorry, Mr. Beasley!"
Mr. Beasley: "Last week, he knocked me into another zip code."
Blondie: "Are you sure you can finish this roof before it rains again?"
Roof Repairer: "Absolutely, cupcake."
Dagwood: "Hey, goofball, watch where you're going!"
Mr. Dithers: "Uh, ooh, Bumstead..."
Dagwood: "That's 'Mr. Bumstead' to you, pal, and I don't pay you to traipse around on my wife's flowers!"
Dagwood: "What're you doing in my bathtub?"
Roof Repairer: "Taking a bath."
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