Mickey's Christmas Carol
Release: December 16, 1983

Based on the Dickens classic, but with an all-star Disney cast. A great version of "A Christmas Carol" for all ages!

Scrooge: "Please, Spirit, I can no longer bear these memories. Take me home."
Ghost of Christmas Past: "Remember, Scrooge: you fashioned these memories yourself."
Ghost of Christmas Present: "Duh, don't forget the chocolate pot roast with pismashiu--uh, with smishsmashiu, sminishshuminish, uh--duh, with yogurt!"
Marley: "Tonight, you'll be visited by three spirits. Listen to 'em, do what they say, or your chains'll be heavier than mine."
Scrooge: "Ooh, money, money, money!"
Scrooge: "Here's your wreath back. Now, out, out, out!"
Ghost of Christmas Past: "Come on, Scrooge, it's time to go!"
Scrooge: "Then go!"
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