That Thing You Do!
Release: September 14, 1996
Release: September 14, 1996

Directed by Tom Hanks, the highly entertaining story about a band who dared to break the rules in the 1960s. Guy Patterson was supposed to just be a subsitute drummer for his friend's band. After they win a talent show because of Guy's instinct to speed up the beat and rock out, their lives are turned upside down as they face stardom and struggle. Neat-O!

Boss Vic Koss: "We have a great show for you today--a big show, a king-size show! Which reminds me, how're you sleepin'?"
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Jimmy: "See, the One-ders--Lenny."
Lenny: "Yeah, it looks like the O'Needers."
Jimmy: "No, no--the One-ders."
Lenny: "Got it, looks like the O'Needers."
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Mr. White: "All right, this is it. Now, if the crowd doesn't go wild for you, don't worry about it; they will tomorrow!"
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Mr. White: "Good morning, Guy, we have a crisis here: your Bass Player has disappeared, and you are still in bed! Just calling to tell you to come on down to the television studio, you're gonna be on TV tonight!"
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Faye: "I have wasted thousands and thousands of kisses on you - kisses that I thought were special because of your lips and your smile and all your color and life. I used to think that was the real you, when you smiled. But now I know you don't mean any of it. You just save it for all your songs. Shame on me for kissing you with my eyes closed so tight."
Lenny: "Are you crazy? A man in a really nice camper wants to put our song on the radio! Gimme a pen, I'm signin'! You're signin'! We're all signin'!"
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Mr. White: "Next--this 'Oneders' with the doesn't work. It's confusing. From now on, you boys will just be...simply the Wonders. -Mr. White"
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Mr. White (annoyed by Lenny crunching a jawbreaker): ""Lenny, why don't you go and see if you can visit the cockpit? Tell them it's your birthday. Go, go go!" -Mr. White (annoyed by Lenny crunching a jawbreaker)"
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Mr. White: "Well, I have heard your record, Guy, and I like it. I like it a lot. "That Thing You Do", you know, is snappy. -Mr. White"
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12 years, 3 months ago
I didn't pay much attention to this movie until a few months ago. This is now one of my favorite Tom Hanks movies.
    13 years, 1 month ago
    cool movie-i really like the songs
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