PEZ Dispensers: The Collection Of Coolness

A look back at the first thing I started collecting as a kid
February 10, 2014
The year was 1999. I was only three years old and barely even a gamer. What could I do? At the age of three I wasn't all that good at video games. Then I decided to pay a visit to my local candy store and then it happened. I got my very first PEZ dispenser.

As a collector of PEZ dispensers, I have over 200 different dispensers from many different pop culture franchises. So for this article, I'll be going over my favorite PEZ dispenser sets that were made.

#1: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

First released in 1994, the first set of Ninja Turtle dispensers actually had something really unique that would never be done on TMNT dispensers again. There were four dispensers where the turtles are happy and the only four show the green teens angry. Actually, the very first PEZ dispenser I got was the angry Mikey on a red stem.

Pictured above is the very first PEZ dispenser I ever got

11 years later in 2005, PEZ released another set of TMNT dispensers. But this time around it was only the four turtles.

As you can clearly see, Leo and Raph are depicted with angry faces while Mike and Donnie are depicted with serious looks.

This summer, the turtles will be coming back to the amazing line up of PEZ dispensers. But this time around, the designs are ripped straight out of the Nickelodeon series and man do they look awesome.

#2: The Muppets

Originally released in 1991, the Muppets line of PEZ dispensers was a very interesting one with two different Kermit dispensers. The first one from wave one had a red bow tie while the second one (which was released in 1999) had his usual frog collar.

In 2012, PEZ brought the Muppets back and more recently released Fozzie Bear for this new set.

The new 2014 Fozzie dispenser
#3: Nintendo

Now this line of PEZ dispensers has to be the coolest EVER!! The only downside is that only Mario can be found in U.S. stores which does stink but oh well. Believe it or not, Nintendo PEZ dispensers were first released in 1998 and they were only found in Europe. In 2006, Bandai released a set of mini PEZ dispensers based on Nintendo.

Fast forward to 2013, PEZ put out another Nintendo set in Europe which consists of Mario, Yoshi, & Toad.

But as I mentioned before, only Mario was released here in the states.

#4: Disney
This is possibly the largest selection of PEZ dispensers that I've seen in my life as a collector. So I'm just going to highlight the best Disney PEZ sets.

Mickey & Friends

The Lion King

And last but not least...

Toy Story

#5: Marvel

This is going to be the last set I talk about because I like to keep my articles short but readable. Anyways, the Marvel PEZ line is probably my favorite PEZ set just because of how amazing the dispensers look. I think it's just so cool that the heroes of Marvel can be found in PEZ form.

To wrap up this article, here is a picture of my PEZ dispenser collection:

That's it. I'm out.
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