Release: June 27, 1997
Release: June 27, 1997

Hercules, son of the Greek god Zeus (Rip Torn), is born with incredible strength. Hades (James Woods), Lord of the Underworld, sees him as the one thing standing in his way of taking over Mt. Olympus, home of the gods. He sends his two bumbling demons, Pain and Panic to kidnap young Herc, give hiim a potion that will change him into a mortal and kill him. The catch:Herc is supposed to drink every last drop of the formula, and thanks to those demons' clumsiness, he doesn't and holds on to his power, though he is mortal. After being raised by a lonely couple, Herc discovers the secrets of his past and goes to train with Phil (Danny DeVito), the Trainer of Heroes, to learn what makes a true hero and restore his godhood. Along the way, Hercules meets and falls in love with the temptress Megara (Susan Egan), who's secretly working for Hades. A fun parody of the Greek myths, this also features a great score and songs by Alan Menken (The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and Aladdin) and David Zippel. This is probably one of the best Disney animated musicals there ever was.

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Pain: "Wait a minute... Wasn't Hercules the name of that boy we were supposed to..."
Pain and Panic: "OH, MY GODS!!!"
Zeus: "Oh come on Hades, don't be such a stiff."
Phil: "Will you forget the head slicing thing? -Phil"
Hades: "So is this an audience or a mosaic? -Hades"
Boy with the Frisbee: "Nice catch, *Jercules!* -Boy with the Frisbee"
Phil: "Come on, kid. Concentrate. Use your head! -Phil"
Hades, Pain, and Panic: "Hades: "Pain, Panic, I've got a little riddle for you: How--do you kill--a god?" Pain: "I do not know!" Panic: "You can! They're immortal!" Hades: "Bingo! They're immortal!" -Hades, Pain, and Panic"
Hercules and a Thebian Man: "Hercules: "Excuse me, but it seems to me that what you folks need is--a hero." (brief moment of silence) Thebian Man: "Yeah? And who are you?" Hercules: "I'm Hercules, and uh--I happen to be...a hero!" -Hercules and a Thebian Man"
Hades: "Meg...Meg, my little flower, my little bird, my little NUT-Meg! -Hades"
Pain and Panic: "Panic: "Hercules...why does that name ring a bell?" Pain: "I dunno--maybe we owe him money?" -Pain and Panic"
A Thebian Lady and Hercules: "Lady: "Young man, we need a professional hero, NOT an amateur!" (the group of villagers walks away) Hercules: "Uh, wait! Stop!" -A Thebian Lady and Hercules"
Phil: "Don't you pea-brains get it? -Phil"
Phil: "There goes another one. Just like Achilles. -Phil"
Hades: "Game...set...match. -Hades"
Hades: "Kid, get ready to RUMBLE! -Hades"
Meg: "Let's see. What could be behind curtain number one? -Meg"
Meg: "[after Hercules broke the arms of a Venus statue] It looks better that way. No, it really does. -Meg"
Phil: "I thought you were going to be the all-time champ, not the all-time chump. -Phil"
Phil: "Phil: Two words: Amscray. -Phil"
Phil: "Phil: Will you forget the head-slicing thing? -Phil"
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