Harry and the Hendersons
Release: December 17, 1987
Release: December 17, 1987

While on a family trip the Henderson's hit a "bigfoot" with their Station Wagon. The creature appears to be dead so George (John Lithgow) ties the thing to the car roof. What the Hendersons don't know is that the creature they call "Harry" (Kevin Peter Hall) is not quite dead. A series of events happen when Harry gets into the Hendersons home. A great comedy and family movie that everyone will enjoy!

George Henderson: "We don't even know what it is. Don't know if it's male or female."
Sarah: "Definitely male."
Nancy: "How can you tell? Oh, don't answer that, honey."
Dr. Wallace Wrightwood: "Well, Jocko, what's next for you?"
Jacques LaFleur: "I don't know. There's always Loch Ness. [Both laugh]"
George Henderson: "He walked into our kitchen and was eating out of our refrigerator. I thought we was gonna eat me but he ate our daughter's corsage and then ate our goldfish!"
Sgt. Mancini: "And where is He now, Mr. Henderson?"
George: "In the bathroom."
Mancini: "Oh, of course. How stupid of me."
Ernie Henderson: "Hey, Dad, what if it's him?"
George: "Who?"
Ernie: "Big Foot."
George: ""Big Foot."?"
Ernie: "Holy shit! Sorry, Dad."
George: "That's okay. I was looking for the right words."
Irene: "*Bigfoot coming to the door* George, he's coming back."
George: "STALL HIM!!"
Irene: "I can't! How?!"
George: "Show him the pasta maker!!"
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