The Legend of Sleepy Hollow Quotes
Vanderhoof: "Now hold on a minute, Mister unmarried school master. That was the truth those kids told you 'bout them Indian spirits."

Ichabod Crane: "Mr. Vanderhoof, Indian ghosts, Headless Horsemen?"

Vanderhoof: "Bite down your tongue! Don't you ever go laughing at the Headless Horseman."

Ichabod Crane: "You expect me to believe that that owl is the ghost of an Indian?"

Vanderhoof: "Chief Running Buffalo."
Ichabod Crane: "Who said who?"

Boy: "Chief Running Buffalo."

Ichabod Crane: "Who?"

Boy: "The ghost of Chief Running Buffalo, sir."

Ichabod Crane: "The ghost? You don't believe in that kind of stuff do you?
Boy: Well this school house was built on an old Indian cemetery, Grandpa says it's haunted by spirits from the past."
Vanderhoof: "He catches you around Katrina, he's going to tie all your arms and legs together... or maybe worse."

Ichabod Crane: "R.I.P? Brom Bones killed the school master?"

Vanderhoof: "Just for reading poetry to her."
Palmer: "I'm not alive, I'm not dead, I'm both, and neither!"
Ichabod Crane: "Winter Palmer? I thought you said he was dead."

Vanderhoof: "He is dead! I told you them ghosts would come around after you burnt the devil bag!"