Danny Cat goes to Hollywood to be a star, but he doesn't know in Hollywood cats can only say "meow". He meets new friends including Woolie Elephant, Cranston Goat, Tillie Hippo and Sawyer the white cat. He also meets Darla Dimple, a popular yet spoiled child actor who hates animals (especially talented ones like Danny and Sawyer). Danny and his friends work together to achieve their dreams while dealing with Darla and her butler, Max.

Here is a list of the main voice actors for this movie:

Scott Bakula - Danny Cat
Jasmine Guy - Sawyer Cat (speaking)
Natalie Cole - Sawyer Cat (singing)
Ashley Peldon - Darla Dimple (speaking)
Lindsay Ridgeway - Darla Dimple (singing)
Kathy Najimy - Tillie Hippo
John Rhys-Davies - Woolie Elephant
George Kennedy - L.B. Mammoth
Rene Auberjonois - Flanigan
Hal Holbrook - Cranston Goat
Don Knotts - T.W. Turtle
Betty Lou Gerson - Francis Fish
Matthew Herried - Pudge Penguin
Frank Welker - Farley Wink
Mark Dindel - Max