South Central was a short-lived comedy sitcom that aired on the Fox network from April 5, 1994 to June 4, 1994. It was cancelled midway through its first season, for a total of 10 episodes. The sitcom was set in South Central Los Angeles, and dealt with everyday life in Los Angeles. Many notable actors appeared in this sitcom, including Jennifer López, Larenz Tate, Shar Jackson, and Maia Campbell.

South Central was very popular among critics for its realistic portrayal of real urban life of single parent. The show dealt with issues such as gang violence, drugs, dating, sex, school and employment. Many considered this show to be a more serious version of Good Times for the 1990's.

The show aired on Tuesday evenings following Roc. Due to the decline in ratings of the entire night of programming, Fox cancelled all the shows on the night and created the Tuesday Night movie. Several black leaders criticized the network for not allowing the show to have a full season and a good timeslot to prove itself.