A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors (1987)

“A Nightmare on Elm Street 3” introduced ideas that gave future Freddy movies a better base to build from. It also featured an unpredictable climax that many people thought would conclude this franchise once and for all, but we all know by now that not even holy water and a largely-procrastinated burial can keep Freddy down. Upon the movie’s opening, we are introduced to, not only the title of which this franchise is most recognized, but also a lonely, close-to-suicide, teen named Kristen Parker. After Kristen’s mother finds her in the bathroom with her wrists slit, she takes her a psychiatric clinic where the rest of the “living” Elm street children are coping with intense reoccurring nightmares similar to Kristen’s. In addition, Nancy Thompson (who didn’t die after all) arrives to study these subjects’ strange behavior. Through a dream Kristen pulls her into, Nancy discovers that Freddy is once again wrecking havoc. There is hope however, Freddy’s mother, Amanda Kruger, shares her son's morbid history with a kind-hearted psychiatrist—revealing one possible way in which this madman can be destroyed for good. Meanwhile, one of the “dream warriors” falls into a coma and becomes bait to lower the others into Freddy's court, so Nancy & the remaining children team up using Kristen’s gift and unleash powers that can only be used in their dreams. But the story doesn't stop there. Oh no!