Based on the series of children's books by Joanna Cole and Bruce Degen, The Magic School Bus is an animated series about a group of school kids and their teacher Ms. Frizzle. In each episode Ms. Frizzle would take the kids (and their mute class pet Liz, a lizard) on bizarre field trips to learn about different scientific concepts. Locations the class would visit included the Human Digestive System, the sewers, even being baked into a cake. The series was one of the more popular shows among older kids when it aired on PBS and continues to air in re-runs in syndication. It aired on Qubo in the late 2000s and the early 2010s.

The theme song was performed by Little Richard with Lily Tomlin providing the voice of Ms. Frizzle. On PBS as well as VHS and DVD releases of episodes, each episode ends with a segment called "The Producer Says" where a guy voiced by Malcolm-Jamal Warner would explain the differences between scientific fact, and storytelling in each episode.

In 2017 Netflix premiered a new series called "The Magic School Bus Rides Again". In this series the class is taken over by Ms. Frizzle's niece and Ms. Frizzle takes over the role at the end of each episode in the fact vs. fiction segment.