Top 5 Genesis games to Avoid!

These are the Top 5 Sega Genesis games that I strongly suggest you avoid at all costs!
December 10, 2006
I've had a Sega Genesis System from 1993 to 1999, and I've played a wide variety of different games for the system. Most of them were really good, but there were also a lot that just plain sucked. Here is a list I have compiled with the Top 5 Sega Genesis games that I strongly do not reccomend at all.

#5 - Mick and Mack as the Global Gladiators
This is a new age version of the classic "MC Kids" game (for the Nintendo Entertainment System). This one, however, is way different. In this game, Mick and Mack look somewhat alike. Mick isn't wearing his cool hat anymore. The two of them look nothing like they should on the box cover! You are equipped with a slime gun in this game, which bounces you back every time you use it. The levels in this game are very long and difficult, and there aren't that many, but it still takes so freaking long to beat the game. MC Kids has earned my reccomendation for playing, but this one, please avoid it! It's a big flop!

#4 - Sylvester and Tweety: Cagey Capers
And next on our list, a game starring the least popular Looney Tune. It may seem like it's a little fun at first, but once you get to the fifth level, things start getting harder and scarier. Sylvester is a very annoying character. Why did they have to give this cat his own video game? If you see this available at any video game store, just don't waste your money on it.

#3 - The Magic School Bus
Some of you might not be surprised that I put a game based on a francise aimed at children on my list. I played this game once at a friend's house, and I just can't do one simple task. How the heck am I supposed to land the bus on the moon? I tried landing it in every possible place, and it just bounces back up! Listen, game designers, if you're going to make a video game, make one that is actually possible to beat!

#2 - We're Back: A Dinosaur Tale
Okay, now we have reached a movie-based video game. Most movie-based games are very lame. This one is based on an even lamer movie. At first, the game seems just about as fun as "Earthworm Jim" or any other game to that extent. The only problem I have with this game is I just can't get passed the third level. It's totally impossible to beat the third level. What am I supposed to do? How do I get Louie and Cecelia to meet with each other? These types of games tick me off more than any other game in the Universe.

#1 - American Gladiators
Why did I make this my #1? I'll tell you why. Not only is it way difficult, but it's also annoying and frustrating. There is one music that plays throughout the entire game, and it's most likely the worst video game music I have ever heard! In some of the events, you can't even move at all. It's like impossible to do anything! And now...are you ready for the worst part? There are no strategy guides for this game to be found ANYWHERE on the Internet! The NES version of "American Gladiators" is cool, but the Sega version blows!

Just do me a favor, if you have a Sega Genesis System or an emulator for that system, just stay away from these games by all means.
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