Get-up-and-go with Bo as she leads you through amazing adventures! Cheerful, energetic and inquisitive our young heroine along with her young dragon Dezzy encourages young audiences to spring into action while performing various maneuvers in order to help her save the day. Each mythic quest contains a clear goal, with all sorts of challenges and obstacles along the way. By linking physical activity to a storyline while promoting an active lifestyle and mind, Bo on the Go is children s programming at its best!

Bo lives in a castle with Dezadore (or "Dezzy" for short) the dragon. He is younger than Bo as he is naturally curious and often gets into trouble as he is not as physically adept as Bo. Bo's mentor on the show is Wizard. When she encounters challenges, he gives her advice and knowledge of how to achieve the quest at hand.

This show has been seen in Canada, France, Israel, India and other countries. But in the United States, it can been seen on Netflix and on DVDs.