16 WORST Bands/Musicians IMO

There has been some good music...but then there has been some bad too!...
September 16, 2013
First off...I dedicate this to Linda Ronstadt....

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Now...Ronstadt rocks, but what she's going through sucks! She now has Parkinson's Disease which means she'll NEVER sing again! Maybe Ronstadt and Michael J. Fox can make commercials for Parkinson's awareness.

I know I'm returning to the "Worst" Trilogy, but this year has been unlucky for me. I write these articles because I do them for entertainment reasons, now I can post them on the forum, but...where's the fun in that?

Who can be bad in music? Well...this is the reason why I have this list, and here it is...The 16 WORST Bands, Musicians, or Music!

#16...The Cast From "Glee"

Wait...how can a TV Series be on this list? Well...First, the cast of "Glee" are actors/actresses. Second, if you heard their songs by either watching this show or from their soundtrack...you'd rather hear a drunk man sing at a karaoke bar. Third, not all actors/actresses can sing! Listen to this....

(Broken YouTube Link Removed)

This is like "High School Musical" grown-up! Give me Nell Carter, Dan Aykroyd, or even Richard Harris, at least they can sing a tune without sounding like garbage....

#15...Britney Spears

No Chris Crocker...I CAN'T Leave Britney Alone! Sure, she went through a tough time by losing her aunt, getting a divorce, and having children...but many people have been there. But shaving your head, flashing your vajayjay, and NOT taking care of your kids is just making you a prone to the tabloids! Your music is sub-par and from the "Mickey Mouse Club" Alumni...even Justin Timberlake and Christina Aguleria grew-up! Maybe one day, you'll be better...or not!

#14...Green Day

I can see why Johnny Rotten from The Sex Pistols called Green Day "Sell-Outs"...with "American Idiot", Green Day did that! Sure "Anarchy in the U.K." and "God Save The Queen" were legend compared to Green Day's "American Idiot", those songs were legend..."American Idiot" is just calling most of the United States Dumbasses! Look Green Day, you're just punk wannabees! And to think...after "American Idiot"...where did Green Day go?

#13...Amy Grant

Amy Grant...she was the first to cross-over from Christian to Rock Music, though Cartman thought Creed was the first to do so. Amy Grant seems to have that way to talk about Jesus in a pop song, but she does have a few good songs in her library of songs...what the heck am I talking about and why did I put her on this list?!

NEW #13...Michael Bolton

Okay, soft-rock was popular in the 90's and though Amy Grant had good Christian songs, Michael Bolton is the real deal! His mullet, bad covers of classic 60's love songs, and "Can I Touch You There"? He must be on my list of lousy bands, musicians, and that! Does Michael Bolton have a career now after the early 90's?

#12...Milli Vanilli

NO WORST Music List can be complete without Milli Vanilli! Who should we blame it on...the media? MTV? The Rain? George W. Bush? Well, with Milli Vanilli getting a Grammy and later having it taken away in 1990 because they didn't sing one note...this would tarnish music for the 90's until Nirvana. Milli Vanilli was planning to come back in 1998, but sadly Rob Pilatus died. Fab Morvan STILL makes music today, and uses his own voice!

#11...Kid Rock

Okay...what's wrong with "All Summer Long"? The answer is...It's unoriginal! Kid Rock just put "Werewolves of London" by Warren Zevon and "Sweet Home Alabama" by Lynard Skynard and using his own lyrics? I call that lazy! And what the hell does "Bawitdaba" mean? Sure, many classic rockers have covered "All Summer Long" with "Werewolves of London" and "Sweet Home Alabama", but where's the heart Robert James Ritchie?


Now Creed had a moment where they had songs with Christian meanings, but when the lead singer had a vid with Kid Rock (don't ask) I ask...does Creed have heart? No...it looks like they were in it for the money. If I want to hear some band who's in it for the money...I'll listen to Frank Zappa's "We're only in it for the Money"! And if Zappa was around in 2001...he'd tell Creed the same thing!

#9...Marilyn Manson


Yes...Marilyn Manson covered that song! All he wants to do is shock-rock! I'm sorry, but you're 20 years TOO late! Alice Cooper (Vincent Furnier) beat you to that and he's more talented than Brian Wagner (AKA-Marilyn Manson). Was Marilyn Manson the answer to Rock in the 90's? No wonder rock was sleeping in 1997! Marilyn Manson is more like Charlie Manson than Marilyn Monroe when it comes to music!

#8...Mitch Miller

Okay, Lawrence Welk squeaked-out of this list because of his bubble machine, his German accent, and his candy-ass monkey suits. But Mitch Miller...is the real deal!

I can forgive him for his sappy sing-along songs, I can forgive him for making the goatee square in the 50's, and I can even forgive him being the critic of Rock Music since then it was (in his opinion) baby food...but when The Beatles did this song...

...you needed a fork and knife for rock and roll! I can surpass all that. But what I CAN'T forgive Mitch Miller is...what he did to Frank Sinatra when Miller was Columbia Records! Miller made Sinatra sing the crappiest songs of all time, but maybe the crappiest would be "Mama Will Bark", just listen!...

Even Sinatra Fans called this the WORST Sinatra Song Ever! If you said the song to Sinatra, you'll need a new face. Even many Disc-jockeys flipped this single to the B-Side, which was more Sinatra at this time....

Like Britney Spears in his time...he was going through a bad relationship, having strains by his record company (Columbia), and almost died in 1951! After Sinatra left Columbia for Capitol he gave Mitch Miller something in 1957..."Fuck Off, Keep Moving!..." Now whose 100th Birthday will be celebrated? In 2011...no one gave a shit about Mitch Miller, but in 2015...The Chairman of the Board WILL be recognized! Mark...My...Words!...

#7...Kanye West
Kanye West Barges In...

Wait, I'm a gonna let you finish. I'm a gonna let you finish!
Thanks for NOT letting me be on the #1 Spot, but I shall inform you that 50 Cent should be #1!

Now THAT'S the problem with Kanye West! Sure, he has Gold-Digger...but he has to be getting attention from barging on the stage at the MTV Music Video Awards to blaming Bush after Hurricane Katrina.

Can't you keep your mouth shut? Your music sucks as well! You weren't raised in urbia, you were raised with a well-to-do family! Even Elvis knows about the harder times than you! No wonder he's forgotten, because he never encountered this....

Kanye...do yourself a favor and go to Detroit! It's the worst city in the nation and it's beyond your comfort zone...it IS a Ghetto! I, myself live below the poverty line though I'm NOT in the poorest big city in the nation, but it's hard out there!


Yes..."Highway to Hell" made many Bible-Thumpers object and parents ask why. I ask...why does the guitarist Angus Young HAVE to wear that School Uniform? You're in your 50's, even Jaleel White (who played Steve Urkel) stopped being a nerd after "Family Matters" ended! Their music is just the same and if AC/DC is on the Highway to Hell...they can have it! Their music is just Pop-Metal and almost the same song. Also Young...wear longer pants, otherwise people will think you have Jerry Sandusky Syndrome!

#5...Bon Jovi

If my brother made this list, he'd put Bon Jovi at #1. But I'm making this list and I feel that Bon Jovi deserves to be on here because they made hair-metal to just shave their hair! Now I can see why people in South Park would want to kick Jon Bon Jovi right square in the balls!

I, myself feel that they aren't true heavy-metal. But I do chuckle with the line in "Livin' on a Prayer" because people think the line "It doesn't a difference if we make it or not" sounds like "It doesn't make if we're naked on not"!


Yes...we ALL wanna be rock stars, but Nickelback made it that anyone can be a rock star. They either got their name after watching football or having someone say "Here's your Nickel Back". They just have no talent. I can take any bad band anyday, but Nickelback is in a league of their own. But then again...

#3...Anyone who was on "American Idol"


How do you lower the bar?


By having a show where anyone can sing!

And that's what "American Idol" is! Let's have a contest on who can sing and if they suck...they go home and cry! Well...Simon Cowell is gone, but this show has tarnish music forever! When it came on 10 years ago...I couldn't watch this show having people be degraded since they have no talent.

Unfortunately...one made his untalent into a cult following, enter...

Yes...William Hung made his untalent into a cult following with "She Bangs", a song done by Ricky Martin and if Martin redid the song it should be "He Bangs"...if you know what I mean!

#2...Tween Music

Where to start? Miley Cyrus? Jonas Brothers? Justin Beiber? How about...Kidz Bop?...

That was the beginning of the end for music! In a decade where we had NO entertainment quality, we got Tween Music in 2001! When I was a child, there was no such thing as Tween Music...or Tweens in that regard! I was into The Beatles at that time, so if I want to hear bubblegum music (which it should be called) give me this....

So music like Justin Beiber ISN'T original...what is now tween music was once called bubblegum music!


#1...Auto-Tune Music!

In 1998, Cher brought us a new invention that would make her voice 100% in "Believe"!

Even Disco is better than Auto-Tune Music! I wonder if her ex Sonny Bono heard it then died? I wonder if Sinatra heard this and died? I even wonder if Paul McCartney's 1st wife Linda heard this and died? Yes...this song came-out in 1998! This song basically gave us the auto-tune...or as I would like to call it, the Drum Machine for vocalists!

Look Cher...you did well without the auto-tune, this is a song!...

No auto-tune, it has natural vocals. I'd like to see The Black-Eyed Peas sing a song without auto-tune...that'll happen when Cleveland wins a Championship! Sinatra, Elvis, The Beatles, nor Elton John depended on auto-tune...It's the work of the devil!

But to end Part 2 of 3 of this Trilogy, I feel that I should give you my feel about this year and that some actors/actresses CAN sing....

Now...do you agree with this list? It's okay that you don't, we live in free countries that can share opinions. If you think AC/DC Rocks but The Beatles should be on this list...okay. Feedback is good and so is opinions.

Stay Tuned for Part 3 where I review bad movies!
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