During the Silver Millennium, there was peace between all the planets in our solar system. Queen Serenity was the queen of the Moon Kingdom, but her daughter Princess Serenity was in love with the Prince of Earth, Prince Endymion. Queen Beryl became jealous of their love and began attacking the Moon Kingdom. Once Queen Beryl kills and destroy's Queen Serenity's love ones (her daughter Serenity and her Sailor Senshi (Scouts)) and her kingdom, she used the last of her powers to seal Queen Beryl and let her love ones be reborn in the future on Earth with her two cat advisors. The story begins with Queen Serenity's love ones, who were reborn thousands of years later, along with her advisors Luna and Artemis watching out for them until the time comes to fight again with Queen Beryl.

Once Queen Beryl breaks the seal, Luna and Artemis looks for Queen Serenity's loves ones to help them revive their long lost powers and train them to be able to win against Queen Beryl. Artemis finds Minako (Mina) who is known as Sailor V (later as Sailor Venus) in London, England and later joins the other Sailor Senshi (Scouts) once they reawaken their powers. Luna finds Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, and Sailor Jupiter. What about Queen Serenity's daughter, Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion? They will soon find them as the first series continues.

The story continues following each of the Sailor Senshi (Scouts) lives until they are in High School and fought the greatest battle they ever had. The story has been split up into 5 seasons and they are listed below:

1)Sailor Moon (1991-1992) - The Sailor Senshi (Scouts) are reawaken after thousands of years since they last fought against Queen Beryl. In this series, they learn how to be a Sailor Senshi and balance school at the same time. They battle with Queen Beryl and her 4 Generals with monster that work with them.

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