sailor moon the final season (ep.167)

this is for the people who have only seen sailor moon dubbed: an articale on the first episode of season 5
January 04, 2006

first heres the group in the episode

serena/usagi -sailor moon . Amara/Haruka-sailouranus

rini/chibiusa -sailor chibi moon .

Michille/Michiru-sailor neptune .

Lita/makoto-sailor jupiter . Trista/Setsuna - sailor Pluto

Mina/minako -sailor venus .

Hotaru - sailor Saturn

Ami-sailor mercury .

Raye/rei -sailor mars

before i continue there is one more thing i must point out uranus and neptune are not cousins like in the dub they are lovers in the japanese version if that offends you please turn back now

also this is the first season to feature a diffrent opening melody (I already uploaded that intro its number 3 on this site under sailor moon
the episode starts out in the yard of a house with the cherry blossoms falling we get into a close up of the baby its a reborn Hotaru with her father prof.tomoe as the story is going baby Hotaru is haveing visions of usagi/serena in trouble the vision than chnges to eternal sailor moon (the form with the wings)
shortly after that baby Hotaru snaps out of it and starts playing with the blossoms just than a familar face appears and says that Hotaru is needed (I wont say who because that will ruin the surprise for later)

Meanwhile in another area Usagi is going to catch up with her friends she is wearing a new uniform, her Ami, Makoto and Minako have finally graduated from junior high, Rei has too but she is still going to private school.
In another universe a familar evil has awakenend its Neherina(sp?) the villan from super S has broken out of the mirror thanks to another evil (which appears later in this season)

At the same time Chibi-usa is with the inner senshi planning to go home and saying her farewells when suddenly something blcoks her from going home than all of a sudden what looks like glass shards start raining across the sky , while they are watching Rei sense someting wrong with the shards which people are mistaking for shooting stars.While no one is looking a shard goes into mamoru's eye

The scene than switches to an aquariam and we see two familar faces its Haruka and Michiru who we havent seen since the end of the third season (unless you count the special and the third move which is out of continuity) They are staring at the fish tank Michiru is commenting on that she is now relaxed to which Hatruka comments that she is more relaxed behind when she is behind the wheel of a car to which Michiru replies that its not the fish which causes Haruka to have a really clueless look on her face.
As they go outside they too notice the glass shards going through the air like shooting stars when suddenly people are getting cut by them,including Haruka who gets one in her hand that Michiru promptly helps her get it out. After which the shard transforms into a monster along with other mirror shards and surrounds the two.
When suddenly a famliar attack hits some of the monsters much to the surprise of Haruka and Michiru and we see a familar figure. Sailor Pluto has returned and is carrying baby Hotaru. After hiding Hotaru, Setsuna teams up with Haruka and Michiru who promptly transform into Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune and the three start fighting the monsters which by the way are called Mirror parody.
As the battle continued Uranus is nearly thrown off the top floor as Neptune is trying to pull her back up we hear a scream Pluto who one of the of the monsters has in a strangle hold is yelling at another monster who has found baby Hotaru
As the three adult outer senshi are yelling at the monster to stop from killing the infan, Hotaru wakes up and suddenly the symbol of Saturn appears on the babie's forehead there is a bright flash of light and that particular monster is destroyed and the three elder senshi are caught in a trance when they come out of it they have been transformed into super sailor form like the inner senshi. They promptly take out the rest of the monsters with"dead scream" "world shaking" and "deep submerge"
After the battle the three are shocked to see that Hotaru who was privously a baby has aged to what appears to be around three to four years old within minuttes. Another vision appears of eternal sailor moon in trouble leaving the confused outers wondering what in the world is going on
Suddeny off in the distance a new voice is heard saying everything is in place

to be continued....

will Chibi usa ever get home

will the outers and inners ever meet up and defeat nerhernia

and who is the mysterious voice

wait and see

(just to note this season has content issues so it will never be dubbed I saw it subtitled coutesy of bittorent)

I know people probably know all this I just am typing this for people who may not know about the final season
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