From 2002 to 2008, VH1 had a series of nostalgia programs called I Love.... Based on a format from the BBC, pop-culture of the past was discussed in terms that weren't always loving. There were 3 installments devoted to the 80s, 2 to the 70s, 2 to the 90s, one for the 00s and special installments for holidays and toys. Due to rights issues, the only way they're seen on TV nowadays is in best-ofs that have had to change a lot of music.

EDIT: The "I Love" franchise has returned. In 2014, it was announced that VH1 would be doing a second "I Love" program for the 00s, this time called, simply, "I Love The 00s". It will be a more complete look at the decade as it will cover the entire decade, unlike "I Love The New Millennium", which only went up to 2007.