Rapper and underground hip-hop mogul Master P made his film debut with this low-budget drama shot on the mean streets of New Orleans, LA. Perry McKnight (Master P) grew up in a run-down housing project in the Crescent City, where as a boy he began working as a drug runner for Friendly (Moon Jones), a corrupt police detective. As he's grown to adulthood, Perry — known to his friends as P — has become a successful crack distributor, but he's still under the thumb of the violent Friendly. P hatches a plan for a big score that will allow him to establish a nest egg so he can go legit and produce a rap album for his younger brother, Silkk (Vyshonne Miller, aka Silkk the Shocker). But between P's lackadaisical partners, Friendly and his cohorts, and a bloodthirsty gang of Colombian cocaine dealers, his road out of the ghetto is a narrow and dangerous path. Master P co-wrote and co-directed I'm Bout It with co-star Moon Jones, as well as playing the lead role; a number of artists from his No Limit Records roster appear in the film and contribute to the nonstop hip-hop score. — Mark Deming

Master P - Perry McKnight
Moon Jones - Friendly
Anthony Boswell