The Snowman

Fans and friends... It's definately a must watch!
January 18, 2010
Funny that I'm the one who's about to mention this since not a bunch of others ever mentioned 'bout it, but yeah! Let's give this memory a chance to shine... And not melt away from many others... Now... How should I start?... Ok, so first, you'll see this realistic unknown guy appear while you hear some unknown voice, who kinda sounds like he came from those boring historical vidoes you're forced to watch at class. Then you'll see this young child at a home getting ready to put on his trusty winter clothing to make a snowman that will NOT say those two words you would expect whenever one comes alive. Instead... Well, I guess I should've said already, but this movie doesn't have talking besides the intro. If you were a young kid like about 5 or so, you'd be thinking "Hey wait a minute! I don't hear voices!! MOM!! IS THERE SOMETHING WRONG WITH THE VHS VIDEO?!"(I couldn't say much when I was young until I was about 7 or 8 for some reason.). But no, nothing wrong! BUT WAIT!! KEEP WATCHING AND BE PATIENT!!! Don't eject it out for crying out loud, it was just starting! So as continuing, you see that the boy has to go to bed, and so he did. But it seems that he wakes up in the middle of the night and sneaks outside to check out his snowman and BAM!! His snowman's alive!! Since the snowman's alive, and no, he's not Frosty the snowman(Or as I call frosty a snow flake because of what he said when that hat made him alive.), he decides to take the snowman in the house to show him around and have fun, like when the snowman replaced his nose with other different fruits such as a pinapple, or a bananna (Jimmy Durante jokes anyone?), or when the boy snuck into his parents' room with the snowman, messing around with thier parents' stuff, like using the boy's mom's make-up, or the boy's dad's dentures! I'm sure about after five minutes after the snowman came to life, you'll notice that you're supposed to imagine and think that the music composed and conducted by the movie are also supposed to be sound effects too! To me, I pretty much respect that interesting idea and can easily go ok with it! Alright, so to get back on track, next we see that the two friends ride on a motorcycle! I'm not kidding, they do! Just how the heck is that possible to not get startled and wake up from loud vehichles like those?! This sometimes rumbles my brain for some reason... Anyways, it seems pretty cool watching that moment to play! You'll notice that the imaginable sound effects in the music REALLY FIT IN when you see some of the animals, like the barn owl! Next, you see that they return to the boys home, being done with the motorcycle, so now what happens next? You ready to hear this? The snowman takes the boys hand and flies with him to the North Pole! Peter Pan style by the way! So yes, another lovely piece of moment to see! :) By the way, you're probably gonna yell at me "YOU SAID THERE WERE NO VOICES EXCEPT THE INTRO!!! DX". Well yeah, I did, it's just that I wants to save that moment to tell you guys you'll hear someone singing in that part! By the way, I think that everyone's favorite part when they saw the Snowman was when they were flying! Crap, even I did!! Who wouldn't refuse to fly with a snowman friend to the North Pole and see some awesome stuff while flying there?! I mean, take some of these cool moments to think about, like seeing a big party ship full of a bunch of people celebrating the Winter times, or seeing some whales up close! Alright, so where was I?... Oh yeah, so after that enjoyable moment, you see that the boy and the snowman are at some quiet place full of trees and they go further into the forest area and guess what they encounter after going through? Lots and lots of snowmen and snowwomen!! The snow people seem to be really happy to see them, so they invitingly welcome the boy and snowman to enjoy the party! Now once again, I have to say, this part is another really enjoyable moment to watch! I don't think I wanna spoil some more things for you guys on this part, so all I'll just say is that the party was pretty fun to watch! Also, Santa appeared! So after all the snowman fun, the snowman and the boy return home and the boy goes back to bed. Ok, brace yourself for the worst moment... The next day, the boy woke up and went outside to see his snowman again, but- OH NO!!! No... This can't be happening!! Yes people, the snowman melted... I swear, I feel so bad for that kid every time I watch the Snowman... But yeah, that's definately Winter for you. Winter summons snow for a short while, then it feels like as if Winter gave you the bird close to your face, making you just easily want to cry so bad... Hey, that's how I felt when my snowman got assassinated by the sun when I was a young kid!... Well, there's the Snowman for you guys and gals! I'm Retro Ed, and I hope you've liked this article!
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