Top 10 Godzilla Brawls Part 1

In this corner the king of the monsters. In the other corner...
February 03, 2014
Hey retro junkies, it's been a while. How've ya been?
Well in case you haven't noticed there's a new Godzilla movie coming out and believe me It's great to see the Big G back on the screen again after over a decade of resting.

Now when it comes to giant monster movies there are two things that are mandatory in order for it to be good. One is that the city or town the monster is in must be destroyed. And two is a rival monster to challenge our main monster. When done right you get an awesome movie like King Kong or Pacific Rim, but when done wrong you get garbage movies like Cloverfield and Godzilla '98. There is the rare exception like in The Host, but that monster was hardly giant. With the new Godzilla film it looks like they will be covering both these necessities, however they have yet to show what kind of monster Godzilla will face. There was a rumored centipede like creature, but I heard that it was just for the sales pitch at Warner Brothers. Anyways, in anticipation of the new Godzilla movie and its new rival monster, I thought it might be nice to pay tribute to the previous battles the G-man has had over the years. This is my top 10 Godzilla Brawls.

10) Godzilla vs Destroyah

At the top of our list is one of Godzilla's most famous battles, the fight against Destroyah. Created by the very same weapon that killed the original Godzilla in 1954, Destroyah is one bad dude you never wanna face. After killing some random sea life and attacking a few people, this crustacean killer decides to fight Godzilla's only son: Godzilla Jr.. Just when it looks like Jr. might win against this devilish behemoth, it evolves into its final form.

I love this design because he looks so menacing, kinda like a devil or a child's personification of what an actual monster is. Needless to say Jr. gets killed (awwww) shortly after Godzilla shows up. Maybe not the brightest move crab cakes, just sayin'. There's a really sad scene where Godzilla walks up to his dead son and tries to get him to wake up which just tugs at your heart strings. This enrages the king of the monsters and the fight commences. Keep in mind that Godzilla's heart is about to melt down, like a nuclear reactor, at any second so there is a time limit to worry about here in this fight. Godzilla shows no fear in this fight he just charges Destroyah and starts beating the hell out of him with not only his trademark atomic breath, but his bare hands as well.

One of my favorite parts is when Destroyah uses his horn like a sword to slice up our hero and yet Godzilla keeps on smacking him in the chest. This alien/predator hybrid uses everything in his arsenal to take out the Big G like his oxygen blast, his tail hook, and even his ability to split into mini Destroyah crabs. Truly an epic showdown for what was considered to be Toho's final Godzilla movie. This gets the number 10 spot only because our villain is defeated by the military and not Godzilla...what a buzzkill.

9) Godzilla and Friends vs King Ghidorah

Considered the quintessential monster mash up film, destroy all monsters was already an amazing film due to its large character line up. You got Varan, Baragon, Rodan, Mothra, Gorosaurus, Manda, Kumonga, Godzilla, Anguirus, Minya, and the big baddy himself King Ghidorah.

How do you make that even awesomer? Why have a giant monster rumble of course! After being brainwashed by aliens to destroy all of earths major cities, the monsters finally are freed from their mind control by the humans and proceed to kick the ever loving snot out of King Ghidorah.

Gorosaurus kangaroo kicks him, Mothra and Kumonga shoot webbing to tie him up, Godzilla fires his atomic breath, and even Minya hurts him with his tiny atomic rings. The only problem I have with this fight is that all the monsters kind of just gang up on Ghidorah which make it feel a little one sided. I know this cosmic colossus is one of the most powerful monsters but he at least should of had a partner with him like Gigan or Mecha Godzilla. For this reason alone is why it is number 9 on this list; still it is a fight you don't wanna miss.

8) Godzilla vs Orga

After the monstrosity that is Godzilla '98, I was truly ashamed to tell people I was a Godzilla fan. However in the year 2000, I and many more G-fans were saved from our despair with Godzilla 2000. This movie erased my memory of the failed american disaster and replaced it with pure fan service. Now remember how I mentioned those two important factors in making a good monster movie, well this movie brought them both in spades. Godzilla had a new design, but was still recognizable, he used his trademark atomic breath, destroyed many, many, many buildings, and of course fought a new monster named Orga.

This is a very unique fight for the Big G, because it is the first time that an opponent has used Godzilla's healing capability to its own advantage. Seriously, Godzilla fires everything at him, but Orga just keeps siphoning off his healing factor, named regenerator g-1, to heal itself from each attack.

You can see Godzilla's frustration rise every time this wanna-be clone heals itself or dodges one of his attacks. Plus Orga can psychically control his spaceship to either blast Godzilla or just charge him head on, but it doesn't last long.

I know this is kind of stretching it, but this fight kind of seems like Godzilla vs Marvel's Wolverine to me. I don't know if it's the healing thing or the nimbleness (is that a word?) of Orga. Anyways after getting nowhere with this alien leech, Godzilla decides to just end it all by having Orga swallow him whole, or so we are led to believe.

I'm telling you when I saw my personal hero put his head in a ugly aliens mouth in supposed defeat, I dropped my popcorn bag in total shock. But when I saw his spines glow red hot a large grin came on my face cause I knew what he was about to do. Never have I stood up in a theater and cheered except for the time when I went to see jurassic park and the t-rex showed up to save the humans. My only gripe is that it feels kind of short; Just when you get into the fight it sort of just ends. Still, this is one edge of your seat fight you don't wanna miss.

7) Godzilla vs Space Godzilla

With a title like that you know you are in for something strange. Simply put Godzilla cells go into a black hole from Biollante or Mothra, they never really clarify which, and come out as Space Godzilla.

He comes to earth for reasons unknown, probably to be the one and only Godzilla in the universe, and starts wreaking havoc. First, he kidnaps Godzilla's son and proves how much stronger he is by effortlessly whooping Godzilla's butt on birth island

and second, proceeds to make a crystal fortress in fukuoka, japan.

The military sends out Moguera, a new robot they build, to stop Space Godzilla,

however it proves to be no match for the intergalactic doppelganger. Eventually Godzilla comes back for a rematch, but can barely harm Space Godzilla because of a force field that reflects Godzilla's atomic breath.

Completely outmatched Godzilla and Moguera decide to team up and use their combined powers to stop this extra terrestrial terror. What makes this such a cool fight is all the ways Space Godzilla fights. He has a strange type of atomic breath that doesn't fire in a straight line, he can control the crystals around his fortress and use them as either missiles or a mode of transportation, and his shoulder crystals can create a powerful shield that can block almost any attack. Though not the best team up fight that Godzilla has been in, it still is an entertaining bout to watch.

6) Godzilla vs Zilla (the American Godzilla a.k.a Godzilla '98)

When I heard that the '98 Godzilla was going to be in Godzilla Final Wars, I pleaded to the gods that he and the original Godzilla would duke it out to determine who was the true king of the monsters. So when the movie came out I got half my wish. They did indeed fight, but it was really, really, REALLY short. Basically '98 Godzilla , or Zilla as the japanese call him, gets transported to sydney, australia to fight Godzilla.

With a simple tail whip attack and some atomic breath just for good measure, this tuna headed abomination gets annihilated. This is where I have conflicting opinions about said fight. On one hand you can look at it as slow and strong vs quick and weak. On the other hand you could say that japan wanted to just prove in one (or in this case two) move(s) that O.G. Godzilla was the real king.

It really is up to the viewer and/or fan to decide how to see this bout as either good or bad. Like I said, I'm mixed about it...but it still is deliciously satisfying; like a small treat that is amazingly delicious. Thus it is granted the number six spot on this list.

Well we are halfway there, I look forward to seeing ya guys again for part 2, numbers 5-1. In the meantime what is your favorite Godzilla fight and are you psyched to see the new Godzilla movie?

Till next time retro junkies

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