Space Mutiny
Release: January 01, 1988

A ship, know as The Southern Sun, has spent generations trying to find a new planet to colonize however many are displeased spending their life knowing they may never find a planet of their own. A man named Kalgan plans to work his the Enforcers and pirates to mutiny against the The Southerns Sun's leaders, Commander Jansen and Captain Devers. However they find hope in a pilot named Dave Ryder who can help overcome Kalgan's forces. The film made an appearance on the show Mystery Science Theater 3000, episode 820-

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Lea Jansen: "Can a woman buy a man a drink in your galaxy?"
Pirates: "Surrender, or be blown to astro-dust!"
Kalgan: "I'm being undermined by my own disciples!"
Kalgan: "It's not unlike ancient dental equipment on Earth - not that you'd know anything about that!"
Kalgan: "You meddling fool!"
Kalgan: "Take that, you space bitch!"
Kalgan: "You're much more attractive with your mouth shut!"
Ryder: "C'mon, move, move, move, move, move!"
Kalgan: "I have weakness for pain... of others."
Lea Jansen: "I thought you'd be happy to see me."
Ryder: "Of course I am. But that's not the issue. Your father should've stopped you."
Lea: "My father stopped interfering with my life when I was 15-years-old."
Ryder: "I have every respect for your father. He's a good man. I just wish he could control you as well as he does this ship."
Lea: "'Control' me? If I hadn't saved you in that engine room…"
Ryder: "Oh, come on. I could have gotten out of that situation. No problem."
Lea: "Well… That's gratitude."
Ryder: "Why did you do it?"
Lea: "Because… Oh. Never mind. You really are stubborn."
Ryder: "Let's go out there and KICK SOME ASS!"
Chief Engineer: "We've been in space too long. Let us land the ship! We can do it, we have the power."
MacPhearson: "It's true, we have the power to do this. But this would directly oppose the law of the universe, the law of the galaxy."
Chief Engineer: "Forget the law."
Engineer Parsons: "No! The law must be upheld, we cannot break it."
MacPhearson: "Gentlemen, it seems that we are not all in agreement. Engineer Parsons seems content to spend his remaining years on the Southern Sun."
MacPhearson: "Will you allow him to spoil your ambitions for a greater future?"
Chief Engineer: "Then let him do so. Alone!"
Engineer Parsons: "This is mutiny, this is treason, which I warn you I must report!"
Chief Engineer: "We'll not allow that, no!"
MacPhearson: "Are there any other of you that wish to confuse freedom with treason?"
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