In this comedy, a coach turns a team of losers into winners...but can he do the same thing for himself? Steve Adler (Richard Lewis) was once the head coach of the basketball team for a prestigious Division One university, but after a long and disastrous losing streak, Adler was fired, and after bouncing from school to school, he wound up coaching at a second-rate college thought to have one of the worst sports programs in the country. Against all odds, Adler has found some talent in his rag-tag team, and for the first time ever, the team finds themselves in their division finals. But can Adler put his appetite for drugs and co-eds on hold long enough to make it to the game and lead his team to victory? Game Day also features Frank Gorshin, Sean Squire, and Gerry Becker. — Mark Deming

Richard Lewis - Steve Adler
Sean Squire
Frank Gorshin
Gerry Becker