A Retro Poem

a poem for everyone at this site
June 17, 2009
I thought I'd try something a little different, and give poetry a try. Now I doubt this will make Shakespeare's top 5, but I hope you enjoy it.

A Retro Poem
This is a poem, for all the retrojunk fans
To the lover's of, Pac, Super, and He-Man
To those who know, a little blue man is a Smurf
Useless knowledge of the 80's, this is our turf
When we see something gross, we say barfarooni
No matter how alone, we are always a Goonie
Kids of today, they don't know what is funny
They've never seen, a bald man shot by a bunny
We're the toughest of all, can't make us cry
Because, I know you are but what am I
No online gaming, to the arcade we'd go
But would stop and check sewers, looking for Leo
Stop at a store, to get us a treat
No stick of gum, I want 6 feet
Sugared up and wild, ready to have fun
Handful of Pixy Sticks, which is crack for the young
Punch my wrestling buddy, or friend that is a pillow
Become a wizard, like my best friend Willow
Then we'll watch X-Men, my favorite show
Then it's Thunder, Thunder, Thunder Cats Ho
We'll play some video games, but don't be a weeny
We can beat Contra, without the Game Genie
Life as a kid, we sure had some good times
I'll help you remember yours, if you help me with mine
So with my hand down my pants, and some junk in my trunk
I salute you!...................................Retrojunk

Have a Greeeeeeaaaaaaaat day everyone!
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