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Debut: April 26, 1999
Ended: April 04, 2004
Debut: April 26, 1999
Ended: April 04, 2004

A cartoon about nine-year-old Brendon Small, who gets away from his akward life by making movies with his best friends Melissa and Jason. The show follows the adventures of the trio as well as Brendan's mother, Paula, and the kids' soccer coach, John McGuirk, and their teacher, Mr. Lynch. Several other notable side characters get involved in the episodes as well. The show originally aired in Tom Snyder's SquiggleVision (a form of animation popularized by the show "Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist") but soon settled into traditional animation.

McGuirk: "This sausage is probably eighteen years old... This sausage could vote. It could go to war and die for its country. -McGuirk"
Brendon & McGuirk: "Brendon: How's it going? McGuirk: Well, I just drank pee. How's it going with you? -Brendon & McGuirk"
Mr. Lynch & Brendon: "Mr. Lynch: The question was "Who wrote Hamlet?" You wrote "The Pope's cousin, Count Pope-ula, a magical monster with pencils for arms". Brendon: I'll be honest, Mr. Lynch. I made that one up. -Mr. Lynch & Brendon"
Paula Small: "No, Brendon, you're supposed to be resting...the doctor said it was psychosomatic.  Or stress related.  Or...menopausal.  Something.  I wasn't paying attention. -Paula Small"
Coach McGuirk: "Brendon, there's nothing wrong with lying to women.  Or the government.  Or parents.  Or God. -Coach McGuirk"
Paula Small: "I need to refill this prescription.  It's for my anxiety disorder and, uh, it's working nicely 'cause, uh...I wouldn't be able to approach you otherwise. -Paula Small"
Brendon Small: "Aaaand action! -Brendon Small"
Coach McGurk: "Spaghetti Time."
Brendon: "I want the regulars to be here tomorrow because we are going to start on a new project, okay?"
Jason: "Am I a regular?"
Brendon: "Yes"
Jason: "My pants say irregular."
Coach McGuirk: "Come on, 150 more bucks! DVD PLAYER!"
John McGuirk: "watch it again one more time or il break your back! watch it again or il punch your fuc**n face your gunna accept the kids movie ooor iiiiillll kiiil youuu"
Brendon: "Hey Couch McGuirk, Why did you park on our lawn?"
McGuirk: "Oh. I thought that was a driveway"
Brendon: "No. Thats our lawn"
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