When the sadomasochistic sexual fantasies of a Manhattan psychiatrist's disturbed patient begin leaking into the troubled doctor's subconscious, a heated love affair leads to a series of shocking murders in this erotic thriller from Off Limits director Christopher Crowe. The confessions of a sexually obsessed patient are slowly working their way into the dreams of psychiatrist Ann Heckler (Annabella Sciorra), and though the practical advice of her university mentor, Dr. Leo Green (Alan Alda), does little to quell her erotic visions, a torrid affair with handsome pilot Doug McDowell (Jamey Sheridan) at least provides a satisfying momentary distraction. When one of Ann's patients is discovered murdered and all evidence suggests that her new lover is the culprit, Ann must make a choice to put her trust in Doug or escape with her life while she still can. — Jason Buchanan

Annabella Sciorra - Ann Hecker
Jamey Sheridan - Doug McDowell
Anthony LaPaglia - Det. Morgenstern
Jill Clayburgh - Sarah Green
Deborah Kara Unger - Eve Abergray
John Leguizamo - Fast Johnny C.
Alan Alda - Leo Green
Anthony Heald - Paul
Jacqueline Brookes - Mrs. McDowell
Gene Canfield - Billy O'Meara
Albert Pisarenkov - Cab Driver
Mary Colquhoun
William Timoney - [Voice]
Bo Dietl - Detective Ditali
Nicholas J. Giangiulio - [Voice]
Sondra James - [Voice]
Allison Field - [Voice]
Joseph Badalucco, Jr. - Undercover Cop
Dominic Marcus - [Voice]
Art Malik - Earring Vendor
David Kramer - [Voice]
Karen Longwell - [Voice]
Philip Levy - [Voice