Sailor Moon
Debut: March 07, 1992
Ended: February 08, 1997

It Follows Each Of The Sailor Senshi's Lives Until They Are In High School And That They Fought The Greatest Battles That They Ever Had From Evil Forces Invading Earth From Stealing Energy, Snatching Hearts And Stealing Dreams, Together They Will Bring Peace On Earth And Save The Universe As A Team.

Super Sailor Chibi Moon: "Twinkle Yell!"
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Tuxedo Mask: "And I've had it with you! How dare you toy with Sailor Moon's mind, fabricating lies to turn us against each other? I'll show you how wise you are, Wiseman!"
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Sailor Uranus: "Uranus World Shaking!"
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Sailor Mercury: "Mercury Bubbles Blast!"
Sailor Scouts: "Moon Crystal Power! Mars Star Power! Mercury Star Power! Jupiter Star Power! Venus Star Power! SAILOR PLANET POWER!!"
Sailor Jupiter: "I'll never forgive for what you've done!"
Ray: "Meatball-head... -Ray"
Sailor Mars: "Mars Fire Ignite!"
Sailor Venus: "Venus Crescent Beam!"
Sailor Jupiter: "Jupiter Thunder Crash!"
Luna: "We've got Sailor business to attend to!"
Super Sailor Moon: "Moon Tiara Action!"
Melvin: "I am... TUXEDO MELVIN! -Melvin"
Sailor Venus: "Whoops! Froze the whipping cream! -Sailor Venus"
Sailor Mars: "We're gonna chew you up, and spit you out!"
serena: "I didn't see you sliiiither by darien -serena"
Super Sailor Moon: "Moon Spiral Heart Attack!"
Sailor Mercury: "Shine Aqua Illusion!"
Sailor Venus: "Venus Love Chain Encircle!"
Nephrite: "I swear to you my queen. I will not fail you. -Nephrite"
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