I am a product of the eighties and I could not be more proud. In college now, the winter dampens the fun, and squeezes the life right out of me. The days when the sun doesn't shine are the worst it seems. I open my tie dyed curtain, look out, see the clouds, and then I swear or just shake my head in disgust.
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in the summer of the late 80s/early 90s.....

The rain splats against the windows and sun does not seem to want to shine at all. My eyes light up as I realize the possibilites of a day like today. What do I do? The way I look at it, I have a few choices:

1. Play with the TMNT technodrone
I loved that thing. It was never as cool as the pizza shooter car, but my dog ate all the pizzas so I couldn't do much with that. The technodrone was so huge it blew my mind, but I always found myself losing parts of it.
2. Dig out the Ghostbusters toys and roll the ECTO-1 all over the house
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Wow...Ghostbusters. I was freaking OBSESSED. I wore that proton pack everywhere....even in my sleep. One of my favorite parts was the trap you roll and pop open. IT WAS SO SWEET! It even glowed in the dark too. Sadly my dog got that one too. The firehouse ruled too. It was so big I loved it. I lost the ooze that came with it...or so my mom said. I secretly think she took it in fear of me ruining the carpet.
3. Color some pictures
I still find myself coming back to this activity sometimes. Drawing and coloring just do something for me. It is the idea of creating something that I love so much.
4. Watch TV (hopefully TMNT or The Real Ghostbusters are on)
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One thing is for sure: I watched WAY too much TV when I was a kid. I remember staring at it as close as possible so I could see the individual colors on the screen. I had a friend once who swore that's why I have such poor eyesight. TMNT was by far the best cartoon. There were so many crappy ones back then. It was hard to find the real gems.
5. Play Game Gear
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Game Gear was great. I can still remember opening that for my birthday and nearly crapping my pants. I never could beat the first level in Sonic....maybe there is something wrong with me.

Rainy days were once amazing. When I was little I couldn't have been more excited to know that I could stay inside all day. Nowadays, rainy days inhibit so much that I do. Am I alone? Does anyone else feel that rain steals their life force now? Maybe it is just because I've moved on from playing with toys and game gear, or maybe it's just a phase. It could also be that I was an only child, which I am bitter about to this day. I just don't really know.

As The Beatles would say, "I'll follow the sun."