Late 90s saturdays or holidays

What I did on rainy saturdays or on long summer holidays during the late 90s
October 15, 2010
My first article i have been reading the articles on here for 5 years now and have always loved hearing about everyone's childhood.

There was not much to do in my sleepy suburb on a Saturday morning or on the long 6 weeks holiday if you were between 10-12 years old.Our main source of entertainment was our Playstation.Looking back we had a hell of a lot of games considering the games cost £45 each thanks mum.


The first game that springs to mind was V-rally strange as i never really played this game.But it was always on my brother and his friend playing it non-stop for what seemed like forever, they even got blisters on their thumbs from holding down the x button for too long.From what i remember it was a basic game i never was any good at it.But just the mention of it to my brother makes us think back to these days.


To our american friends this is a bakery or a deli or whatever term you may use you crazy yank fools (just joking don't nuke us). We always went here every Saturday lunch time and ordered the same food,it was in a weird shopping center imagine a really small mall with 10 shops.Amazingly i found a picture of it as it would of been back in the day.


It was on the way back from the shopping centre when i discovered the greatest drink in the world,well until I met mr Jack Daniels when i was 23.It was Dr pepper it had been advertised heavily on tv with the tagline 'whats the worst that could happen?'I had bought a can and waited ages to taste it i had no idea what it would be like.The taste was well awesome i now like to mix dr pepper with Jack Daniels bloody lovely.


No not the people next door to the left we had a mad old granny who collected rubbish,she would bring us toys from other peoples rubbish we would then throw them out only for her to bring them back.Am talking about the Austrailian soap opera.It was at its best back then well we only watched it because of the fit girls in it.We would watch it at lunch time during the holidays.I cannot recall anything about the plot but i could tell you about the girls.As always there was always a favourite mine was Anne.


Sharing was not mine and my brothers strong point so i had to find other forms of entertainment away from the playstation.


Obsessed is a word i would use to describe my feelings when it came to Star Wars when i was young.I would spend every last penny on anything related to star wars.Videos,books,games,magazines,sweets and playing cards you name it i got it especially the toys.I can never forgive my brother for bending my Star Wars shuttle, much like i can never forgive George Lucas for destroying Star Wars.But that is another story for another time.

Its been a bit of a mish mash of my childhood just the first things that i think of when i think back.I am going to write some more detailed articles on my Star Wars experience.

Thanks for reading.
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