Hello i'm NK44 and since the Boston Celtics are in the eastern conference finals as i'm writing this, and the Celtics are have had notable ups and downs and since (i'm from Massachusetts) the Celtics have had a bumpy ride to make it back to the top of the eastern conference article image but instead of focusing on the present lets go back a bit. back to at least the 50's and/or 60's when the likes of NBA Great Bill Russell who has a record of 11 NBA titles. And of course, that's more than MJ (obviously) but Bill Russell was a awesome player for his time. he carried the Celtics during the fifties and sixties with his career stats being (if i'm wrong please correct me) 15.1 pts 22.5 TRB i would go on but we have more things to cover.article image and I've also seen people compare the sixties Celtics to Micheal Jordan's Chicago Bulls from the late eighties to all the nineties. Which i guess is understandable (what do you guys think about that?) so after the sixties the Celtics were basically finding that someone so in the 1978 NBA Draft the Boston Celtic selected...A legend.

hey Guys, i thought i would just say that this is my first time and sorry if some info is shaky or just stuff like that so ill see you in part 2 where we discuss a legend that would push the Celtics to the top>